Tomomi Adachi – Infrared Sensor Shirt & Voice

artist: Tomomi Adachi
title: infrared sensor shirt & voice.
cat: ar084
keywords: experimental, dada-ism, art, self made instruments, poetry, mentalism
label: Audition Records

The following free downloadable record of Tomomi Adachi is for sure grabbing my attention. The included info text informs future listeners that everything here is recorded along the years 2007 – 2010, with (most importantly!) self-made instruments, including an infrared shirt and a self-grown voice!

If this doesn’t excite you than you are probably at the wrong site, as even though there is a lot of circuit bending artist out there, but real self-made instruments on record are in general hard to find in netlabel land. All of this is recorded in Tokio which should be a hint that the following tracks will be standing out of originality! Now before praising the information even more, join me in exploring and investigating what the actual ‘music’ sounds like…

Well to be frank with our dear readers, I have a slight feeling many real life rats have been tortured and made into a un-miss able ingredient in these new instruments. Although the animal lover will probably not approve but it’s a fact that these rats (if used) are sounding much better as tools in these new sound machines, than their normal squeaks around the dustbin.

The sound of the new instruments that we are hearing here are a bit like electrified scratches, tones of ratty noises under extreme stress and a mystery machine. I have no idea how it looks like but I suspect something square with Tomomi Adachi on top! Playing its new sounds like a fanatic mathematician while inserting Japanese words of wisdom (or punk)… I’m not sure, as Japanese is not the most easiest language to explore, but my gut feeling tells me it’s a combination of both. Intelligent protest music, with mainly the electro shocked mouse protesting its new future!

With the lengthy ‘Naokatsuhe’ the artist really delivers the wackiness to the limits. This time there are no squeaking electrified rats, but the inventor himself who has connected to the new instrument. Probably done by putting on the infrared shirt! It feels like the artist is not only an inventor of new ways of making sounds, or an experimental musician, but also a creative dada-ism poetry madman. I doubt that the instrument instructs the artist to let the weird sounds slip over his lips, but the machine transform the voice with strange effects. This is very mad and very fun too.

When the sounds starts to perform on its own, it gets weirder and weirder. It is amazing what the artist could produce just with his voice. If a human beatbox had the capability of thinking of all these sounds, no human beat box will ever be sane again! The experiment gets more insane as the voice goes mental intertwined with the machine. It feels like the artist has duplicated himself in a group of kungfu playing mental patients! Heavy breathing and the loop of coughing up blood seems normal after all the craziness. And with an absurd ending where the sounds of madness are circling around, this crazy but also very interesting 15 min comes to an end.

As a great bonus track we hear ‘You Could Use A Fork To Break The Door’ which is basically a great example what you could expect when not using rats or inventors inside these new instruments. But to use other real instruments, inside this new instrument. And perhaps a fork, door and a mouth harp. An excellent but short piece that feels like an insane live performance that you really shouldn’t miss out on!

This is the intellectual art side of Tokyo, bring it into your living room! Get this release over here; it’s free, odd and experimental!

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