Bull of Heaven – Lemniscate 1

artist: Bull of Heaven
title: Lemniscate 1
cat: ID003
keywords: infinite drone, meditation music, chill out, ambient, minimal
label: Infinite Drone http://infinitedrone.webs.com/

Infinite Drone is a recent conceived DIY record label that is purely focussing on delivering the broader scale of amazing drone music. With creative physical releases under way they have released a massive compilation of impressive drone music, a EP by Covolux and now a mysterious work by Bull of Heaven for free download. The release is called ‘Lemniscate 1’ and suits the concept of the label probably the best as it is an infinite drone loop, made to be played on repeat until infinity!

This work is so amazingly hypnotic, trippy and enjoyable that it is indeed a difficult thing to stop listening to the record. The music brings the listener into a higher atmosphere where spiritual visions might guide you on your trip into infinity. The perfect  drone to practice your meditation on with its warm tones, its almost hindu hints of secret wisdom and sacred beauty.

Light some candles, get the incense out and enjoy this record forever and ever and ever.. You may end up in heaven with a all knowing smile on your face, but going to the other world guided by this wonderful relaxing infinite state of warmth is probably the best way to go!
Get this sacred sounding beauty over here and be sure to loop it until infinity!

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2 Responses to Bull of Heaven – Lemniscate 1

  1. Jake says:

    May want to update the title. It’s actually “Lemniscate 1”. Not “Lemniscare”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemniscate

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