Elektrosandy – Raketa

artist: Elektrosandy
title: Raketa
cat: pertin-nce_043
keywords: house, summer, 90ths, dance, melodic,
label : pertin-nce http://pertin-nce.blogspot.com/

Sometimes it is nice to find some enjoyable light weight entertainment, something to be cheerful and happy about without thinking too much. This sweet free release of Elektrosandy is something that delivers to the point melodic house music that has a very friendly sound to it.
Four lengthy tunes that reminds us of the early nineties dance scene with its catchy baselines, and synthetic melodies.
The drum machine makes sure to keep these funky and easy going retro sounding dance tracks moving. A delicious snack for anyone who is missing the friendly vibes of the house scene and need some friendly dance music to move too. These tunes are also very suitable to get your late night party up and vibrant. Just tune in, be happy, enjoy and dance the day away!
get this at the following friendly link: (acid tabs not included)

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