Ars Sonor – Loco (Siro203)

Ars Sonor - Loco

It is hard to tell, but I believe that the artwork for Ars Sonor’s album Loco is some dirt with maybe a blackened bike trail running through it. But… maybe that’s just what they WANT me to see!

Artist: Ars Sonor
Title: Loco
Label: Sirona-Records
Cat#: Siro203
Keywords: Industrial, Indie, Experimental
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I’m excited to present another great album for review at YIKIS! This one is also by Ars Sonor, an alias of Laetitia Schteinberg, and is now the fourth in my series of reviews of this artist’s work. One of the reasons I’m reviewing so much of her music at this time is that she is currently stuck in the dangerous position of having her status of asylum revoked in Sweden, a country she sought refuge in from her native Russia. In Russia she was horribly mistreated as a member of the LGBT community, degraded and dehumanized. We all wish for her to be able to remain where she will be treated with the respect and dignity that are the right of all human beings, so if you would like to do anything to help — please do, as there are only a few signatures now needed and only a few hours before she receives her final hearing! — there is a petition at this link as well as a summary of her story, detailing what she has had to go through. Her music is amazing, and we are worried what will happen to her if this does not go through.

The first track on this album is the titular track ‘Loco’, which begins with some deep, distorted bass crunching… there’s a totally mental soundscape that emerges, of electronics, feedback, something that sounds like a vocal run through bizarre effects. The rhythm is like a grotesque industrial breakdown. Ends with wires sizzling out.

‘The Floor’ is next, an industrial/metal track, but so much more. Sounding like Babyland, but more noisy and harsh, with a stomping industrial rhythm and loads of guitarnoise and electronics buzzing around in your ears. Very cool!

Then it’s ‘Loco [Suffered Mix By Registro Latente]’. Walls of crunch guitar, thick industrial breaks, a heavy atmosphere of electronics that seems to breathe with a life of it’s own. Drones fill the space like the dying echos of an artificial intelligence.

The final track on this short release is ‘Showdown’, a throbbing, ambient drone. An almost rhythmic bit of white noise seems to crawl in the background.

This was another great, though small, work by Ars Sonor. Here is the link, and thank you for listening:

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