Ars Sonor – Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart (ER044)

Ars Sonor - Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart

Highly minimal and resembling an abstract photograph is the album art for Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart by Ars Sonor.

Artist: Ars Sonor
Title: Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart
Label: Effluvia Recordings
Cat#: ER044
Keywords: Dark Ambient, Drone, Atmospheric, Lunar
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Another review! This time, like the last four I’ve done, it is of the work of Laetitia Schteinberg who goes by the alias Ars Sonor, iky iky, and others… today I have dedicated myself to the attempt of reviewing all, or as much of her work as possible. You can read about what she is currently having to endure and do what you can to help at this link. It is a terrible situation, but it is our hope that in showing our support and forcing the Swedish Migration Board to allow her to keep her asylum from Russia that she will be able to live, have her rights respected, and continue making the brilliant and beautiful art she has been for so many years, that she’s gifted freely to the world.

This, the sole piece on this work, is titled ‘Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart’. It sounds like an ambientscape of melancholic string arrangements, a deep phaser, a forests melange of bird voices being swept out at us from beyond time. It is a timeless, formless wood of eternity. As it goes, it somehow, subtly becomes more and more lovely. At times depressive, at others dark, but always tied together by a love from out of space, cosmic. The natural and the artificial are both represented herein. A symbiotic relationship between mankind and machinekind, ones and zeros entwined. Chimeras seem to take shape, twisting out as if from a clay void, shifting like the shadows of hands upon a wall. I faintly hear a church bell. Something of the consciousness of the music is metamorphosing, becoming elsewhere. With the reversed gong, we come to the end of the track and perhaps a new understanding.

So good; transcendental, even! Please hear it at the link ahead:

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