Material Action – Another Emotion

artist: Material Action
title: Another Emotion
cat: Siro619
keywords: cosmic, synthpop, electro
label: Sirona Records

After the successful debut launch of Material Action on Sirona Records they make a serious come back with ‘Another Emotion’.
From the beginning until the end we can expect authentic electronic goodness. With 19 diverse racks , this will be something that will keep your ears entertained
Without any more chit chat and other words, let’s dive together into this electro goodness!

The record start with the perfect introduction tune called ‘The Whirl’. It has great hints of triply brain-dance stuff while keeping the track steady and dreamlike. Warm and mysterious sounds that gives everyone a smooth and calm state to sink away in. Very pretty and organic music that contains everything the brain pleasure centers are so hungry for!

Without a doubt the hunger for more material action is being stilled with the more eighties sounding ‘One More Shot’. It contains the big beat that is typical of that time period, with sexy electro funk. When the track really starts to lift up in its funkiness it really starts to be electrifying with phasery beats that smells of the more experimental techno period.

It is time next to all the material action to show a little love. This they do in a very short track (because you can’t have enough love, as we might be getting spoiled I guess). This is for the short time span a track that is adorable. If it wasn’t a untouchable tune, I would have squeezed and cuddled it. But no time to waste as the next pleasurable tune is feasting upon my ears.

‘Zero Time’ it is called and sounds like we secretly have all the time of the world. A sweet electronic track that sounds so good and friendly, It has a pop structure which even though coming from a underground society, I found very pleasurable. Nice swinging percussion that is hard to resist not too move your muscles too. The friendly spacious warm tones above the feel good music is for sure something that pleases the good time emotion.

The track that fades smoothly from the previous one with its sexy vibes is ‘Sexify’.
It features a vocal that sings what I believe ‘You Are A Super Star’. It is probably not what material action sings, but who knows? It is definitely a thing you might want to hear when doing ‘sexy time’ in your (or someone else their) bedroom.

A very smooth sensual track is ‘Chakka’ which feels like a second part of the previous ‘sexify’.
This part takes it more deeper and perhaps dirty. High sexual tensions arise in this lovely sexy orgasm of electronica. Where Alex Spalding (one of the people behind Material Action) explores soft porn music at times, this work here feels more pornographic for smooth authentic synthetic music lovers. Very sexy melodies and sounds and a super slick ending that will certainly arouse some of the sexually sensitive listeners.

Like a hard beating penis that squirts all over the screen ‘Skeezy Beez’ got a life on its own. You can hear the love for percussion and rhythmic progression of Material Action over here. Nice baselines that really makes everything move and groove with the perfect orchestrated synth candy on top.

On The Freakend’ we listen to basement funk with deep womp-ing sounds while being under the influence of things we from YIKIS are not supposed to mention here.  GHB anyone?

Now one of these things that is a welcoming difference on this wonderfully smooth love record is a nice dubby tune called (how original is that?) ‘Dub’.
I’m a big fan of the dub genre as it is one of these things that manage to combine factors like chilling out, working and dancing in a perfect way. The ‘Dub’ of Material Action is very unique and very Material Action. It flows and inserts all the lovable electronic smoothness they seem to have surrounded these tracks in, with the more traditional dub wise sound. Absolutely enjoyable stuff!

With ‘Bad Channels’ we feel an emotional outburst of joy, a sweet spaced out techno track of pure happiness. What can a human being possibly want more?

Well perhaps a ‘Fire’, to light a cigarette and strip down naked in a run of instal mentalness. Material Action really delivers a hot track that is made for the dance floor, very hypnotic and a great electronic killer with bright funky synthesizer solo’s and trancy depth that swings in perfection!
There are some sinister undertones in this dance floor killer, but like the fire from a lighter, there is something cool about the hotness of it.

After being heatedd up Material Action pushes in a second take of their ‘Love’ anthem. This time it got some more depth, as it is perhaps more the male version of the love story. It is also 3 seconds longer than the first love tune, so even that makes sense.

This record is really enjoyable and with ‘I Came Undone’ it just gives the listener more of the goodness! It feels like Material Action is spoiling us with some much nice and lovely tracks, that even though they seem so nicely seated with each other, they are also very strong individuals.
The track swings with fanatic baselines, a happy retro beat and feel good vibes. The warmth of the synth pads really reminds me of the big heart that fills up the cover artwork of this record.

‘What You Do’ is something that feels so good, especially love how the things are rolling somehow tropically in a sweet direction. The drums and the melody brings instant dreams of tropical beaches and glasses full of free tropical cocktails. The sound track for the good moments in life.

And ‘Freaky Groovy’ is probably the soundtrack for the moment when you are laying in your hangman between the tree’s, seeing everything double and smiling intensively because of how well life has been treating you. Something I imagine a themes song  for the lucky bastard.

A feel good track that makes your body swing in a nice flow is ‘Stream’. Its a proper tune that does a real good job to make even the most arhythmic listener into a funky dance star. Just smile, follow the sweet music, the contagious rhythms and let your emotions take control of your dance movements.
oh and don’t forget to enjoy!

Another highlight (as far as that is possible, as this whole album seems to be made of highlights altogether) is ‘She Said’. This tune does a great job of building up with its fine groove that is getting intenser and intenser. The melodies are of great texture but when around 2 minutes the irresistible electronica beat rolls in you can’t believe your ears how nice and smooth this danceable awesomeness is. Aphex twin can go back drinking cups of english tea, as Material Action seem to know every trick in the book of beat programming and melody making. And they certainly have founded a perfect sound of their own.

With the lovely ‘In The Dark’ Material Action just proofs even more that Material Action knows exactly what they are doing. And in this case: creating beautiful music. Sweet feel good music that shouts to be shared with the ones you love the most under a beautiful star lighted sky.

The last track on this incredible grown up record is ‘The Window’ . Also this track feels something so warm and lovable that it makes the heart glow with content and happiness. It’s like a perfect reward of a happy ending of the day with smooth electronic synth melodies and even a slice of unexpected rhythm at the end. So pretty, that it just makes you feel soooo good!
You must be very stupid not to get this amazingly good electronic love album at the link below, as this record is not only a pure quality joy from beginning to the end, but also completely free!
Get it over here (before they change their minds!):

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