…Quite Simply… Cunt – Cuntamination

artist: …Quite Simply… Cunt
title: Cuntamination
cat: FNR005
format: Floppy Diskette (15 print)
keywords: raw, primitive dark grindcore
label: Floppy Noise Records

Rough things up, beat it around the edges and make sure some blood stains will be there as souvenirs. These are not the ingredients to a private party in a dodgy hotel room in Las Vegas, but something that just slipped my mind when hearing the flow of destruction generated by …Quite Simply… Cunt!

Raw primitive dark grindcore hailing from the UK is out to get violent on this extremely limited floppy disk release brought to the world by the already legendary Floppy Noise Records! Just 15 copies are made of this ‘Cuntamination’ record , probably to contain the violence among the ones who are able to handle it. Although by hearing these tracks I doubt that this record will not be copied and spread to wherever the music wants to go. …Quite Simply… Cunt cannot be stopped!

The record start with ‘intro – meltdown’ which does an incredible good job to get the listeners attention. Short but a very firm introduction of where this band is all about. Roughness and toughness with hyper blasting beats, primitive vocal expressions and raw guitar work that shakes everyone up!

‘State Lines’ is like a traditional steam train of outrageous Prehistoric metal rock. You can’t live without it as it is just as important as the invention of the wheel!

Necro dildo decapitation is yet another slaying classic that mixes the faith of dying with the raw energy of living! Does that make any sense, or am I just being a cunt trying to review a awesome record that is slightly impossible to review?

Cuntamination is really an impressive sick record and the title track really hits the spot of the cuntivicationed victem in every possible way. The wicked guitar riff tickles you with great satisfaction in all its hard, raw and manly kind of ways!

another piece is ‘pegan lands’ that amazes me in how much things it has to say music wise, and especially how it is so nicely done in such a short period of time. Who said that rawness can’t be sophisticated?

As if a complete EP isn’t enough to be squeezed on a floppy diskette, …Quite Simply… Cunt fills up the last bits with some behind the record material. You might even call it ‘the blooper section’ that makes the tough looking band into a more humane form. Everyone is able to make mistakes, but it takes guts to put them out and about for everyone to see!

This Cuntamination record by …Quite Simply… Cunt surely deserves your respect! With its 6 tracks of raw black grind core it surely delivers something worth to spend your pennies on. Check out this full floppy out at the following link:

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