Atomnation – Anniversary Compilation ’10’

artists: Various Atomnation artists
title: Anniversary Compilation ’10’
keywords: electronic, ambient, beats, cinematic, electronica, indie, jazz, techno, trip hop
label: Atomnation

A label from Amsterdam, The Netherlands just released a wonderful must have compilation to celebrate their first 10 releases! This is a perfect moment to get to know some of the talented artists and the material they are representing in their catalogue. Trust us, we wouldn’t review it if this compilation wasn’t of a great quality, bringing a very top selection of tunes to your ears for whatever you want to pay for it.

The compilation starts with a perfect warm sounding electronic chill out tune by David Douglas that features lush vocal expressions in a sound bath of loosened up baselines, feel good beats and atmospheric synth melodies. Something that combines music to relax and dream to with the pleasure of a fine laid back dance beat.  Loveable stuff!

artist ‘Breek’ really captivates the ears with sweet melodies that are extremely pleasant. Nice stereo elements and a friendly pushy wobbling baseline are best friends with the bright tones of melodic expressions. The melody itself is something that hangs somewhere between happiness and sadness, melancholic even.
Perhaps the artist was bringing up memories from 1974 and converting them in this wonderful produced melodies.

The third tune on this compilation is one by Applescal who delivers a radio friendly version of a track called ‘Thanks For Fun’. As the title suggest, this track is a sweet and seems very sincere with its friendly sounding sounds.

Another great track that pushes the vibe in a more danceable way is ‘Rutes’ by Sau Poler. It feels very summery, even tropical and the rhythm and sounds will make you move even without the consumption of a tropical alcoholic beverage. Welcome to paradise!

David Douglas make a comeback with ‘Follow The Sun (portable sunsets remix)’. This time featuring strong female vocals in a warm sounding track that also does a great deal of inserting a certain funk to it all. The strange ambience tones that are inserted at some places, really makes this track stand out in originality. It is a weird mix of pretty melodies, old school sounds, chill out house and experimental-ness and it certainly works out pretty well!
The longer you are listening to this work, the hotter it gets! Perfectionism is what this work is all about, and the result is enjoyable for all who lay the ears on it.

Track 6 is filled up by the warm sounding track of Weval with the track ‘The Most’ that for some odd reason reminds me of the sound of Radiohead. Lucky that was only the beginning part of this track as when the more feel good dance orientated music starts to take over, the track prevails in its own originality. There is a certain sadness in the melody and the drowned vocals that flows around the mix makes this something for sad rainy sundays.

Time to be cheered up by AnimalZOO’s Flower Setup, kindly remixed by Applescal. Think fierce beats and warm sounds and a pretty horn selection. Making this tune extremely enjoyable in all its powerful and rememberable elements. Loving the breakdown with the pushing high hat and the warm tones that seems to do a great job at spreading good vibes. When the rest joins them back again the track gets simply more and more wonderful. Absolutely one of the highlights of this compilation!

For a more sentimental sound artist ‘Gidge’ comes with a beautiful and petite sounding track called ‘For Seoul Pt. 2’. It’s a mix between almost traditional sounding melodic music converted in electronic sounds and sonic sound manipulation. Pretty music that is not just average electronica which makes this something between avant-garde and melodic experimentalism. The beauty of this track will make your jaw drop.

Yoshiba 87 notes that ‘We Are Still Alive’, and is trying to make us all feel good with a nice positive sounding rolling electronica track. A contagious rhythm that flows about in a fine way supports the pretty melodies that seems to be fragile and strong at the same time. Something to dream away with and gain energy too. There is love inside this track and hearing it is like smiling therapy for the heart.

The very last track on this compilation is a remix by Lanny May for a track by Applescal. The tune ‘El Diablo’ seems like the creators had lots of fun with it. It is playful and friendly and light like a feather. Sweet melodies come in made with sounds that remind me of the lovable sound of a portable harmonium. Electronic sweetness is here to wish everyone who listened to this compilation a very nice day!
get this high quality compilation of melodic electronic goodness with a sense of adventurous experimentalism at the following link: (highly recommended!)

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