Durastatic – Unfortunate realizations

artist: Durastatic
title: Unfortunate realizations
cat: –
keywords: noise

label: Steel Grinder Music  http://steelegrindermusic.bandcamp.com
reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Hello? Can anybody hear me? Anybody? Yes! HELLO!
Get your signal ready. Tuning in your radio to YIKIS FM, best station in the world! Tonight we are playing Duratastic! An album of a live recording. Four different tracks, that could have been one long track.
The first track of this album is really great! Nice noise drones with occasional break outs to screams and blasts.
The second track continues where the first track ended. Oscillating goodness in a box. Later in the track complemented by  higher pichted sweeps and some rumble.
The third track introduces a bit more sweeps, alarm like sounds an high pitched notes. This track ends with very cool blurps!
The final track is the most musical of all. Combining everything from the three previous tracks into a really cool sound.
Overall it may sound like this isn’t a good album, but it is! It has the authentic live noise feeling. As if you are there while Duratastic pounds your ears. It has a very nice range of different uses of noise, from low to very high.
Thank you again for tuning in to YIKIS FM! We suck at what we do, but we suck at it best!

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