Smooth McGroove – VGM Acapella – Volume 1

artist: Smooth McGroove
title: VGM Acapella – Volume 1
keywords: Video Game Music Acapellas

Hello and welcome at another new review, this time featuring a very fun and strange album containing 22 tracks by a character called Smooth McGroove.
As you can see in the intriguing front cover picture, he is the transition between pixels and humanity and obviously has a creative relationship with (i presume) his cat.

I’m not going in to all the details because these tracks speaks probably for themselves;
they are sincerely brilliantly done acapella versions of popular game music!
From the legendary soundtracks from Castlevania, street fighter, zelda, Mega Man, super mario 64 and much much more… all reconstructed and carefully covered by the soft vocal technics of Smooth McGroove. Amazing stuff! totally nuts concept, but it sounds so carefully crafted and well done!

Every fanatic video gamer should have this volume in his/her collection!
Even if it is just to play when having Christmas dinner with the family, or just a good laugh with gamer friends.. Or just secretly enjoy these versions and perhaps try to sing along with a sweet smile on your face.. pa pa pa pa pom pom..
check Smooth McGroove’s game music acapella’s out over here:

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