Origami Repetika – Microphone Brush

microphone brush single art
artist: Origami Repetika
title: Microphone Brush
cat: Proc010
keywords: electronica, IDM, braindance, chill out, breakbeat, child friendly music
label: Proc Records www.proc-records.net

Made and released back in 2007 but still hot and fresh sounding  in 3013, this is the lovable EP out of the hands of Origami Repetika! a musical project by Adam Sigmund that brings electronic happiness in the underground scene wherever it can! This little EP is a goody that will make everyone smile until your jaw hurts from pure joy! child friendly music for all ages!

The main title track is also the first thing you will encounter when downloading this free netrelease. ‘Microphone Brush’ is a very happy and bright-fully played upbeat electronic track. Think sweet aphex melodies, jumpy feel good rhythms that spread good vibes all over the place. This is something you want to share with your friends and everyone that is dear to you! Instant friendly Happiness! What else does someone need?

‘My ninja’s’ is a much more laid-back track that combines sweet synth melodies with the coolness of a jazz player from the old funky days. Take a seat, puff on the good things of life and enjoy the quality music!

Adam Sigmund is not only a great skilled music producer, but also very kind! Even though the music here was already fulfilling all the satisfaction factors, he inserted another free of charge ‘bonus track’!

And what a surprise and gift it is! Think lovely IDM music with intelligent hyper rhythms, beautiful melodies, lots of beautiful sounds of sweetness and variations. Something your ears will be totally flabbergasted about to find such a treasure in a zipped file! For the fans of the more lovable braindance side of music, this pretty ray of happiness is a must have! pure joy!
This release kicks ass like rainbows, glitter and pretty sweetness in a melange of creative beats and lots of fun!
This must have goody for every self claimed electronica and music fan, is completely free and legal to download at the following link:

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