PxNxJx – Do not mourning if natural take your property away from you

Artist: PxNxJx
title: “Do not mourning if natural take your property away from you
cat: FNR007
format: Floppy Diskette
keywords: Experimental/harshnoise/grindcore
label: Floppy Noise Records https://www.facebook.com/#!/FloppyNoiseRecords?

As I’m writing this review in one of the office buildings from Yeah I Know It Suck in Bangkok, Thailand, I felt very pleased to have received a release coming from the same country that doesn’t involve gamelan, karaoke singers, dubstep for warehouses, Korean pop inspired cheekiness,  country ska, alternative rock mumbo jumbo, but a sophisticated floppy diskette with a massive sound of the newest punk in town: noise!  Noise is vaporizing the old punk sound and makes them seem outdated as this is a movement that is slowly conquering the world with amounts of global destruction!

From Italy, to groundbreaking noise source; Russia, from the early Japanes noise acts till the aggressive sounds hailing from noise acts from the USA, all are very exciting evolutions to hear, but this is the first time that we are getting aware of a rising force of noise hailing from the land of Durian, smiles, yellow and red t shirts, taxi’s that never go where you want them to go, and temperatures from hot to even hotter! Next to that Thailand also has a reputation of  heavy hot tropical rainfalls that are able to poor like waterfalls from the sky for many hours, sinking houses, and mud slides that takes whole houses away from the hills like its nothing.  I’ve looked at the images of the water disasters of last year and found it amazing how the Thai people are courageous and not easy to break down their tough spirits. Just seeing a family sitting on top of the remains of what used to be their house and still smiling, is something many foreigners wouldn’t never understand.  Perhaps it has something to do with the large Buddhist wisdom that flows around this magical country, that makes people be more stronger than your average bill and joe in an European country that already cry when their toaster stopped working for some kind of reason.  Perhaps this is also where the title of this release is referring to, a message to people who nag about stupid things, while people here in Thailand never seem to nag but just move on with their life and rebuild with a strong will power. Whatever it is that provoked to make this recording and what it represents; I’m glad it is out there and distributed by Floppy Noise Records directly to the ones who need it the most.

music wise this release start with the reconstruction of natural disasters by buzzing sounds that feel like helicopters, slamming beats, crashes that are crashing like the forces of nature is defecating on all what is in its way. Hardcore engines of guitar noises are smashing the place up with a great mix between drama and destruction.  Bang your head with this one as the screeching sounds are slicing into your ears with great pressure. Lots of hiss evolves when the disasters of nature seem to be well translated in what people may call ‘music’. We hear someone screaming painfully while the instruments are getting a great beating! This is a moment of pure rage with a message, and fully captured on this unique floppy diskette. Epic moments for sophisticated listeners who enjoy the more wilder expressions from the land of smiles. Think about this record when your house is destroyed by a wild running tornado, a volcano eruption, earthquake or a splendid amount of tropical rainfall!  This record is like the forces of nature themselves, you don’t know what the hell is happening, but it all happens at once and with full force! Get this statement of a record over here:

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