Sp3ct3rs – Gather (ep)

Artist: sp3ct3rs
Title: Gather (ep)
Cat: Petroglyph127
Keywords: minimal, drone, ambient
Label: petroglyph http://petroglyphmusic.com/

What do NYC, Brooklyn/Park Slope and the Chelsea High Line have in common? The answer is probably a lot but mainly that sp3ct3rs dedicated their newest EP to the above places. These urban environments inspired the artist to create three lengthy tracks of city friendly drone ambient soundscapes.

The first track named ‘longin’ needs the potential listener to adjust the volume to the loudest maximum. The music is so subtile sounding that it could just disappear and hide in your own environment that you are in at the very moment. When listening to these very minimal, small almost low didgeridoo sounding waves they actually seem to complement the background noises from the place you are listening this record. Of course the artist intended this to be heard while walking around in the earlier mentioned places, but listening it in a bed room with the rumbling sound of an air conditioning and someone snoring in the background works well too. It’s like the artist created one basic layer of warmth that is easy to adopt to any place and make it into a complimented soundscape.

‘City’s Decay’ is obviously made while observing the declining state of the cities. But also here the minimalism makes this work suitable for any environmental listening session. Deep but light weight waves of warm drone arrive in the same calm tempo of waves reaching the beach on a summer day.

The last track ‘departures’ feels like a continuation of the previous two tracks. Slightly more darker than its brothers but still keeping the same minimalism for your own DIY listening sessions.

It feels difficult to come to an end conclusion of this free downloadable release. It is so minimal that it really feels like you have to burn these tracks on your portable music listening device and go out for a walk in a city close to you. Find the right balance between the music and the regular city noises and you might have a perfect do it yourself 4D interactive on the spot private soundscape going on! Listening to this in a soundless room might feel a bit like staring at a slice of bread without ingredients to put on top. Feel free to download these tracks over at the following link: http://archive.org/details/petroglyph127sp3ct3rs-gather_ep

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