Tooth_Eye – Lost In Onnet Town, USA

artist: Tooth_Eye
title: Lost In Onnet Town, USA
cat: Siro102
keywords: Noise , experimental, breakcore
label: Sirona Records

Without any hesitation it is time to get lost in the sound of Tooth_Eye and friends. The first track ‘Funimation Freeform Follies’ is a jolly cut up of japanese manga stuff that gets a bit dark and nicely fuzzy at the end with playful sounds that would fit nice as music for a horror movie with little children being the slayers of mayhem.

The second track is a Tooth_Eye Remix of a original work by the legendary spoken word, avant-garde story telling hero ‘Sid Yiddish’.
The epic synthesizer strings that fill the air with sophisticated drama, lift up the story of Sid perfectly. Some asthmatic sounding attacks are also making a appearance, just to keep you on your toes and focused.

Tooth_Eye gives its own spin to a track of ‘Evil Robot Ted’ fame.
In the background we hear Church bells, nicely glued on top of precious sounding warmth coming from white hissy noise. We hear the arrival of the night with singing bugs, and a folkish flute. All of this gets complimented with eargasmic rumbling noises that will leave the ears in a  exciting  state of mind!

One of my personal favorite characters out there is Hlo, and its a fun thing to see and hear him teaming up with Tooth_Eye. They are getting the noise club hot with an assault of insane madness coming as a brilliant cut up of whatever they could get their hands on! Hiss, blobs, disco classics, break beats, radio frequencies, hairdryers, toothbrushes and vacuum cleaners!

Another original track of Evil Robot Ted get a nice make-over of fashion music stylist Tooth_Eye. This one is also for the dance floor! It will get rid of all the hipsters and get all the freaks with their brains in drugland banging their faces in the middle! Think nice distortion, rattle beats in snake rhythms, nice rhythmic noises with sexy elements! Go and fuck your brains up and enjoy the power of Tooth_Eye and Evil Robot Ted!

Tooth_Eye brings a friendly track of experimental plunderphonics, glueing golden oldies from unknown origin with a nice swing to it to extreme noises, hisses, buzz fuzz, frequencies and it sounds like a perfect match with the jazzy trumpets. Modern music that sounds free from restrictions is where this enjoyable stuff is all about!

The last track is a remix of RedSK 2011 edit of Im So An Alcoholic by Tooth_Eye. We hear a nice mix of original noises, plenty of cut up strange oddities, some female orgasms, extreme teeth drilling devices, machinery tones that scratches you from inside your skull, heavy puking and an nice orgasmic epileptic attack of what I like to call a salvo of noise! It deserves a standing ovation, but some kind of gangster keeps the world from clapping!

Normally being lost is a good excuse for adventure, and being lost with Tooth_Eye and friends in Onnet Town was really something like that.
We had a good time, original stuff all over and the noise and humor aspects really seem to be a perfect balance to make this into an enjoyable ride. I wouldn’t mind to get lost again!
Tooth_Eye and friends are waiting for you at the following link:

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