Ev Xanadu – Purple Rain (NAHC084)

Ev Xanadu - Purple Rain

A secret admirer, a creepy stalker? Yes! And also the album art for Ev Xanadu’s Purple Rain. It cracks me up.

Artist: Ev Xanadu
Title: Purple Rain
Cat#: NAHC084
Keywords: Noise
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

Have you ever wondered what it would sound like if someone covered the entire album/soundtrack Purple Rain by Prince And The Revolution completely acapella and recorded it in extremely lobit ogg-vorbis? Wonder no more, dear reader… it has been done! Ev Xanadu’s Purple Rain might even be better than Prince’s original, especially if you have terrible taste! This was one of the small handful of albums that earn the distinction of having really gotten me into the idea of net labels back in ’06. Let’s begin the review…

… it begins with some breathing and vocals… lots of vocals… on ‘Let’s Go Crazy’. A choir of silliness, a thumping grunt bass and all kinds of mouthnoise. This is so amazing, so fun to listen to, and it really seems like the eccentric product of someone with talent. Whoaw-whaow-whaow mouth solo!

Do-diddle-ding, it’s ‘Take Me With You’, duh-duh-duh! Ladada. Again, crazy to listen to someone covering this entire album with their voice, haha!

‘The Beautiful Ones’ has some amazing vocal percussion at the beginning, getting kind of deep and, well, silly but also really groovy and sensual. I gotta say… everyone needs to hear this album. All the more so if you know the original album like I do, as that makes it even more enjoyable. Not to overuse a word that has gotten so overused as it is in internet culture or whatever, but it applies in this case… this is an epic album. “YEEEAAAH! BAYBY BAYBY I WAAANT YOUU!”

Then it’s ‘Computer Blue’, which continues the wild acapella sound adventure. This is a great one, with the false echos, funky vocal rhythm guitar. This is my favourite track actually, from Purple Rain.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with ‘Darling Nikki’, ungh! It sounds like someone taking the funkiest dump ever! These are some serious mouthguitars!

Next is the classic ‘When Doves Cry’, in which we hear some strange noises. Oh… wait a second, there’s an acoustic guitar in the mix now! So the whole thing isn’t acapella after all… oh well. It’s an interesting cover anyway. The guitar makes it sound legit, but there are still several eclectic vocal sounds that happen all over the place.

‘I Would Die 4 U’ starts in which the choir of voices, what sounds like some claps, something getting banged on… it kind of leads into…

… ‘Baby I’m A Star’, featuring more rhythmic banging and vocal bass, some awesome vocals generally, and ends with clapping before beginning a transition into…

… the titular ‘Purple Rain’, an epic acapella ballad. I love this track. Really nice!

You know… Purple Rain was a really classic album. Here’s someone from Discogs’ review of it:

“Arguably the best pop album of the 80’s and undeniably one of the most exciting and vivacious albums ever recorded, irrespective of genre, Purple Rain is Prince’s single greatest contribution to the world of music. Obviously, the soundtrack to the movie of the same name (which was equally as magnificent), it could just as well pass for a soundtrack to life in general, dealing with virtually every emotion people are nurtured to experience.

Musically, the Purple One himself takes no prisoners, and with the help of his band The Revolution, he dabbles, to some degree, in every style of music there is, was or ever would be, all with astonishing results. Whether he’s letting it rip on the pop metallic ‘Let’s Get Crazy’, or crooning it out ballad-style on the epic title track, or doing something in between on the stark but beautiful ‘When Doves Cry’, it’s evident that Purple Rain is Prince’s audible translation of love, life and then some. While the album is anything but formulaic nor predictable, there are some obvious nods to his previous offerings; the electric funk of 1999 returns on tracks like ‘Computer Blue’ and ‘Baby I’m A Star’; tunes like ‘Take Me With You’ and ‘I Would Die 4 U’ are clearly reminiscent of the innocent pop on his earlier albums, not to mention the carnal R&B of Dirty Mind also makes a return appearance. Every song is almost its own planet, complete with separate ethics and diverse cultures. Everything from the lyrics to the instrumental jams to the pristine production to the electric energy of the live recordings, indicate that music like this emerges only a few times per generation.

A lot is to be learned from this album, not just about musicmanship, composition, songwriting or sheer talent, but an abundance of what it’s like to live, die and everything inbetween. Any self-respecting music enthusiast of any genre need grab this album, should it presently be mysteriously absent from their collection.”

Wikipedia even has a separate page with info for every single track on the original! Get this awesome, eccentric tribute at the link, which will take you straight to the zip:


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