a beautiful lotus & 120% says you’re going to explode – split floppy disc

Artists: a beautiful lotus & 120% says you’re going to explode
title: Split floppy disc
cat: RR.32
format: a rare floppy or a not so rare free digital download
label: Robo Robotica

Of course Yeah I Know It Sucks features a very varied stream of quality, interesting, strange and sometimes the plain absurd releases from wherever they seem to come from. A place where great music is being placed next to the extremely odd ones, just to make sure to cover a great deal of what is going on in the underground and making it a home for music lovers, cultists & collectors of the fun & the bizarre music releases. From diskette’s packet in recycled elephant poop to Lady Gaga, from acapella covers of prince’s purple rain to Smooth mcGrooves game tune vocal galore, from pure shit to quality sexy electro. Yeah I Know It Sucks, but that’s us being Yeah I Know It Sucks! And today we just continue being our trademark self with putting a spotlight on something you don’t come across easily. Here is a little writing that comes with the release explaining it a little bit further;

This is the rarest of the rare that you can possbily find. This was a limited edition floppy disc split way back in 04 or 05 or so. A few copies got around on soulseek and all that but it had never been officially released till today. 6 songs about silly silly stuff that really makes no sense at times.

Does this little piece of up writing gain your interest? Than stick with Yeah I Know It sucks as we do our best to feed the possible curiosity you might have gained along the way. And if it doesn’t appeal to you ( I cannot imagine why, but hey we are all individuals, everything is possible!) than you better move yourself to Disneyland…

A split floppy disk between a beautiful lotus & 120% says you’re going to explode, is what we are exploring here. The names of the artist are in my world just as rare as the actual floppy diskette. Never heard of them before, but as singer Sade sings ‘it’s never as good as the first time’ this might be a really good thing! Let’s listen to the actual content and find out, shall we?

The first one to bite the tension of this listening session is a track called A Little More Cowbell Don’t Hurt by A Beautiful Lotus. Trust me you have to hear it to actually believe it, and then probably hear it again to be sure that you actually be sure that this wasn’t a mad fraction of the imagination doing a wild thing! It obviously evolves around some cowbell, but this track completely overrules all the possible suspected strangeness by delivering something extremely weird and punchy fun! Perhaps you might consider it as grindcore, but it has also a great clownish nerd factor with its manic punch in the face of hyper hilarity. Even though being the well prepared reviewer, it left me totally flabbergasted with a soft hazy smile on the face! This must be good stuff!

120% Says Your Going To Explode takes over with a track called; Still Not Enough Cowbell. In this nervous sounding cowbell ballet we hear the artist asking for (guess what?) more cowbells! I’m not sure if it is actual cowbells that are added at the end of the song, but it sure is a punky ending! Can someone please give these lads some more cowbell?

Too late! As A Beautiful Lotus comes up with an energetic track that comes under the name of ‘Come On Baby Explode!’. Violently happy the fresh injected speed kicked in and a range of maddening madness and fun extremity flushes through! This stuff is hot headed material!

120% Says Your Going To Explode – Dont Be Gay is probably the gayest punk stuff you have ever heard. A great tune to put on a pair of rubber gloves and fist each other in the glory hole! Don’t follow the rhythm of this track though; you might end up hurting each-other!

Hey You Fag by a beautiful lotus is next and its message is rather short to be offended about. Unless a beautiful lotus refers this tune to a cigarette, than there wasn’t anything at all to be mentioned here.

“Hey fuck you’ is the last track on this diskette and for sure gives us something of a quick sincere message. Negativity never sounded so good! Yeah I Know It Sucks but you might want to download this rarity over at the following link;

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