Vanth – Mineral Series, volume 5

artist: Vanth
title: Mineral Series, volume 5
keywords: experimental, noise, ambient, drone
label: Deadtones Records

Put the volume up and let the dark tones of ‘Beryl’ raise deep in to your very own ears. The calmth that is captured here in this pretty deep expression hints that there is something more sinister awaiting.

Perhaps it was warning for the penetrating tone of ‘Dickite’. It feels a bit like a data transmission, someone telegraphing from a lonely outlet surrounded by dark clouds.

Perhaps it’s the new ice-age that has been the problem maker in this science fiction sounding audio world that has been created over here? ‘Ice’ is a cold track that makes me think that we are following the cry for help transmitted earlier on, but that halfway its transmission it gets simply frozen by the cold weather circumstances.

With ‘Mercury’ it feels that even though the communication attempts weren’t successful, the rise of some sunlight on our lonely outlet has still opted to raise hope for the ones in need. What a little cloud break between the darkness can do to the human mind is amazing!

The last track ‘Thorite’ can be interpreted in many different ways. It could be a happy ending when the cry for help gets a reply from another communication system. There is still hope! Or it could also be the sound of the telecommunication hero lying dead on his transmission machinery. Or perhaps you might hear some other ending of the story? Find it out at the following link:


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