Suburban Howl – Suburban Howl

artist: Suburban Howl
title: Suburban Howl
cat: SR051
keywords: noise, drone, impro
label: S P E T T R O rec

I don’t know why precisely but by looking at this release I had the feeling it would be electronic, droney and noisy. To listen to it feels like a refreshing surprise as it is almost far away from these three elements. Except if you count loudly played psychedelic guitar scapes as noise, but that particular part is actually sounding too pretty to be called noise. It’s perhaps also how the first track ‘artemide ortha’  moves in such a way that  by the time the track gets louder, the ears are already hypnotized by the magically played guitar strings. For an improvisation it comes across as very well planned and hit all the right elements, giving it the authentic psychedelica feel as The Velvet Underground, but without the heroin.. It’s a rather bright exploration of these playful guitar strings and I guess this will save the listener from bad trips when listening in a higher state of consciousness.

‘pithia’ starts with an awakening of forrest birds, in combination of the band that still sounds rather deep indulged by psychedelics to really wake up. The tones are more darker than the previous work to start with, although there are some friendly guitar strings to find above the darker tones. There are also some nice extra sounds going around which makes me feel like someone is preparing a strong coffee for the rest of the band members to wake up too. If the coffee will work, we will have to find it out in another time and another episode. If the release works? I would have to say: Yes! Just download it at the link below and press play, no coffee beans required!

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