Various Artists – Kontakt High

artists: Various
title: Kontakt High
keywords: experimental, remix
label: Brownian e/Motion(s)

The clocks are ticking, the time is passing by and we are listening to the first track on a experimental compilation full of goodies. The track is made by cut n paste artist ‘Luxerious Dagger’ who created some kind of soundscape that is at the same time functions as a wake-up call. It’s a remix of Jack Hertz and Vladko Ribarski ‘Mommy muse from their ‘Eye of God’ album.  Deep in this mix we hear some low voices as if they are talking in a bathroom, while the alarm of one of the ticking clocks tries to wake us up.  To be honest when hearing all these sounds, especially the baby giggling i rather dive deeper under the blankets.

M. Ferguson’s Amazing! gets a new look by Der Domestizierte Mensch, who made it into a darker version than the more comical unbelievable simply amazing original!

UndRess Beton (with a little line up on the second ‘e’ going upwards)  gets also a remixed update.  It feels very sexual, hot and a bit like a movie soundtrack outtake where our hero is sweaty and dirty after a motorcycle ride killing the not so innocent pedestrians. The rhythm implies action, and action is what this remix of Kervinen gets.

The next track is the work of Ars Sonor. If we understand the album information well than this is probably made by remixing a track of undress Béton:and The Implicit Order into a complete new experience.
Think of an ambiance that is most define, tones of depth that looks into a uncertain future with traces of hope.  You might want to check out these other works recently reviewed of Ars Sonor, if you like what you are hearing here:
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Ars Sonor – 124C 41+
Ars Sonor – Loco
Ars Sonor – Sticking Together Moonlight Torn Apart

The fifth track on this Kontakt High remix compilation is a Untitled 1  track by D0x10 that gets a jazzy remix by someone called Kai Nobuko.
Time to pose with a cigarette.

Jukka-Pekka Kervinen get also remixed by undress Béton. The track that gets the make over is Diagonal Letter and is a loud & somehow a wildly animalistic noise extravaganza.

Dave Fuglewicz remixes mutanT.R.I.’s Nocturnesick. This track feels to me like we went time traveling in our history like a space flight on a magical carpet of ancient historic times, beautiful landscapes with castles in the mist, dangerous diseases and wars everywhere, and a holy stench. The flight is a gorgeous one as the wind fly’s around the ears while we fly through the sky watching all this historical scenery from down below. Pretty music with lovely tones, lots of action and deep epic base tones. It is a perfect cinematic track, that just begs for a movie to accompany it.

Headcleaner’s Issei’s Fish gets a dinner conversation mix by the legendary producer (o)THERS. It is a dark theme with probably plenty of rotten meat on the table. Panicky noise delivers a spooky atmosphere where anything can happen. If you don’t be aware with who you are actually having the table dinner with, you might end up on top of a plate with an apple in your mouth.

mutanT.R.I remixes (o)THERS’s Anna Nicole Smith track. It sounds dirty, with sexy voices, a beat to match up with penetrating action in the bedroom, kitchen sink or probably the comfortable zone of a sewer. Yes, having sex with Anna Nicole Smith in the sewer, that is the best possible description available over here. There aren’t any better reviewers available, so deal with it…

Than we hear something completely different, it is not a remix or a mix but a tribute to the Implicit Order. and than remixed by Elizabeth Veldon. I’m not sure about the details and the credits of this track, but I’m sure to let you know that this is one of the more rhythmic  fun tracks on this compilation. Very hypnotic and humoristic with nice experimental sounds being placed in a danceable track of funky weirdness. Got to love this stuff!

Track 101 is a I/O remix of a track by Elizabeth Veldon. It contains a exciting noise drone with tones that smell of horror movies with lots of upcoming gore. The sounds go in the red and blood will pop out of your ears! But you can’t say it wasn’t worth it! And if you do, someone just might jump up from your cupboard to cut your tongue off. You have been warned!

a original track by Abortus Fever gets a delicious make over by one of our favorite experimental artists called ‘hiyohiyoipseniyo. It got the same attitude as a jazz meet rocks track, while completely having nothing to do with the pair of them. This is experimental funky punk, nicely orchestrated with nice cut n paste freakiness!

The last honor to end this compilation goes to dj x3n who created specially for this occasion a megamix of tracks by Trash B. Lit, Dave Fugelwicz and PLATO & the western tradition. Unbelievably melted together in one long calming ambience with dark undertones that feel like they are coming from deep below the underground surface. Beautiful stuff!

Get your ears twisted with this mega compilation of experimental music, being remixed by other experimental mentalistic musicians! click on the link and enjoy:

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