White Eagle Jones – Green

artist: White Eagle Jones
title: Green
keywords: alternative, al green, instrumental, soul
publisher: Numoonlab http://numoonlabrecordings.bandcamp.com

Our long lost hero White Eagle Jones had a reputation to roll spliffs quicker than his own shadow. Smoking a bit too much on his white with black spotted horse he traveled across the globe from saloon to saloon and than from coffee-shop to coffee-shop.. He ended up in the South of Holland (a region part of the Netherlands) and there he removed his cowboy hat, boots and sold his horse to a local snack-bar. With the money he just exchanged for his horse, White Eagle Jones settled down in the Numoonlab studio and met another wild cowboy called Anthony Joseph where he had an intensive writing session with. Between this session a magical moment had happened, our hero received a vision of a very famous and legendary red Indian called Al Green, who ordered him to make a tribute to him and his musical output. As a reward White Eagle Jones would be rewarded with an enormous amount of green stuff of the highest quality the gods could produce. The promise of this vision of an extreme amount of THC and flavor,   was certainly enough to inspire our hero to follow the words of the wise Al Green and produced the best possible tribute in his honor.

When it was finished the promised green super weed came from the sky, as a warm welcoming approval of nobody less than Al Green. White Eagle Jones is enjoying the green still every day!

Perhaps no green super weed for the dear listeners, but you are able to continue to the ‘green’ track that rewarded this long lonesome cowboy this precious reward. It should be enough to satisfy your own ears with pleasurable good music to chill out while smoking your own greenery… Get this cool track over here, its deliciously green!

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