Reisebüro86 – Ontogeny

artist: Reisebüro86
artist website:
title: Ontogeny
cat: Petroglyph130
keywords: experimental, audio trip, psychedelics, drone, ambient, soundscape, lo fi,
label: Petroglyph Music

Excuse me, is this the right Reisburo to book me a trip in the mind of the artist that goes by the name of Normal Gergely? ah? You know the person who is a part of the famous Toth Kina Hegyfalu experimental  duo from Hungary? The one with all the amazing drawings and art? yes? the trip is ready and waiting? Great! and what about the price? What? free?! I promise to love this travel agency to bits but have to go on a sound trip now! Goodbye and thanks for the advice, quick service and this hot ticket to travel to another world!

The first part of the trip is called ‘conception’ and it has a easy going vibe that makes me think of sitting in a trans-siberian express train while drinking vodka. The train trip is long and the landscape goes by in a slow way. The other travelers in the coupe are like local villagers and a goat, all with red cheeks from alcohol. You can’t blame anyone, the trip is long and the only thing to do on this exportation to kill the time is drink. The train is speeding up and dissolves in the upcoming night fog!

The audio content of ‘proliferations’ feels like waking up after a great case of alcohol intoxication. We don’t know where we are but everything seems to be out of proportions, perhaps this is the part of the trip where everything is an hallucination. Things are moving about, getting bigger and smaller, faces appear that transform into hilarious ugly ones.. Did someone slipped in some ketamine in my drink? I believe to be on the floor and feel unable to stand up, a feeling of fear arrives as something big and large is coming my way. A huge sliding pinkish blob bends down to me, I have no idea what it is saying.. A misinformed face appear in this pink slimy gelly, some kind of authority figure probably. His lips move but I can only hear huge dark rumbling noises, perhaps the blob is asking for my ticket? The noises get louder and  i feel two hands around my shoulder. Someone is picking me up and dragging me all over the floor. A door opens and out we go!

With the soundtrack of ‘Assimilation’
everything is more metallic of color, some machinery is making a strange noise and alien wires are grabbing my feet, they communicate by strangling guitar strings and something that sound like dying mouth harps that are completely out of their minds. Faces, everywhere! Green, purple, yellow faces! The music is getting more insane and menacing mad as the weirdo’s are picking me up and carrying me around in some strange ritual kind of way. like a lucid dream or an effect of a highly doses of acid everything just goes completely bizarre. The faces are laughing, my head is spinning and suddenly strange reprogramming sounds appear assimilating me into one of them, whoever they are. When realizing it, a ray of acceptance mixed with panic celebrates the end of this intensive hallucination of an audio track!

The next thing is something that all sounds damp, like we aren’t really perceiving sounds like we would normally register them. It is probably because this is a track that is called ‘Unconscious’, and it seems that the creatures who did the assimilation are not completely finished with their project. The sounds are more pretty than disturbing, perhaps because in this state of mind it is just a matter of finding acceptance in all these weird sounds that come in. The freakiness almost woke me up, but the warmth calmness sedates the body like a sweet tranquilizer.

After a good break I managed to wake up from my own snoring. I feel adapted, good and happy. I’m a tin robotic soldier and join the group of other freakish friendly fellows marching over the floor. I don’t mind that my limps are replaced by tinfoil as the new adaptation suits me perfectly. Friendly tones of secret robotic funk move along through the marching sound. We start to sing in synchrony while we squeak along. It isn’t bad to be madly insane! It seems that we have marched in a coupe full of farm animals, genetic manipulated pigs and chickens tap-dance while pressing buttons of intelligent looking machines. I try to bark like a chicken just to fit in and feverishly played  sweet guitar notes are the reward for my coockeldoodeldoo’s.

‘Resignation’ started off with a friendly sound that introduces more other friendly moving sounds. It looks like this is a magical moment where warm boxes with glowing strange lights are sliding themselves over the floor. My consciousness is not assimilated enough to take this beautiful sight and sounds for granted. Alien activity is representing itself when some kind of unseen machine start to make its way in with spacious sounds. I have lost track here and probably my mind too, it must be the epic sounding sounds that lifted up my brains out of where they are normally would be hiding. You wouldn’t expect it but as a brainless zombie this musical experience in this track is a pure smooth and comforting one. warm tones and sometimes a more nastier blimp of data communication is bouncing around in my empty skull. The only thing that I can do is smile and enjoy the feeling of absent-mindness and the music that highlights it.

Having no normal body anymore after being genetically modified with tin foil and my brain musically removed, there is nothing more to do than blow up balloons and empty the just exhaled air from the balloons again. A faint smile on the face for the rest of the track as this is the look of ‘acceptance’. The high unexpected tones did shock me a little but in all sincerity the faith that brought me here in this insane and beautifully well crafted audio adventure makes me forget the bad trip side effects, or at least totally accept it!

As you might have noticed this release is something not to take lightly, this is not background music or chill out material, but it is for sure an intensive sonic psychedelic audio trip with incredible tense moments, from very lucid hallucinations until warm fun that makes it all acceptable again. This work requires your full attention and is highly recommended for sound cosmosteers and other audio travelers with a sense of adventure!
get this sonic adventure for free at the following link:

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