Nerdsmasher – Nerdsmasher EP

Artist: Nerdsmasher
title: Nerdsmasher EP
keywords: electronica, experimental, energetic electro pop
label: Knertz

Come and dance, bring your blubs and blobs of prehistoric gaming machines, some microphones and some German dictionaries! Like a modern superman with extra thick glasses Nerdsmasher is here to bring us ‘ganz tolle’ synthpop punk! Short but contagious songs with a proper fun attitude are like magical super powers shooting rainbows from your speakers!

The first track is full of life and friendly energy. What can I do, what i forgot about, baby? is a rough translation of the actual song lyrics, but even though these fellows sing in their native German language, it is the music that is universally stealing the show no matter your language skills! Who doesn’t enjoy acid bleeps, synth blobs and happy alternative electro poppy stuff?

All tracks are bringing the fun punk synth punk bubble gum stuff back from where ever the fun and electronica experiments had been hiding. It’s comically entertaining and refreshing to hear these funky electro pop songs, you simply can’t resist to get swept away with the feel good energy that flows about in the ‘don’t give a fuck fun attitude’.

One of the many Highlights is the hit sounding single ‘parallelen’, which features a perfect pop structure with great harmonic skills, fun sounds and friendly energetic catchiness!

A release that sounds refreshing, full of energy, fun sounds and comical originality.. If you are into electropop that isn’t afraid to take itself too seriously than this is definitely something fun that is worth to check out! upload your energy and dance your spastic dance moves at the following link:

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