Yalls – Vapid Glitch Vow

artist: Yalls
title: Vapid Glitch Vow
keywords: experimental, pop, funk, electronic, glitch, loops
label: Crash Symbols http://crashsymbols.bandcamp.com

Experience glitchy, chopped up, stitched and glued back together music in a completely vibrant way! Adding a traditional voice to this fun bright happy mix n match, cut n paste extravaganza and you might established a summer hit!
Well perhaps not a hit as all the glue, handy work and all round experimental style is perhaps too difficult for most radio deejays, plus there isn’t a manager going around with a gun to put these kind of musical treasures on the global map.. But still in a idealistic world somewhere in the vaporized future, this could be a radio hit.

Perhaps, Yall doesn’t have a bad ass manager, but they sure have a bad ass baseline on the second track available on this single. It feels like something that you could describe as a tank, it’s going forward, is indestructible and nothing is going to stop it. Yes, I am still talking about the dinosaur baseline who is meeting up with more rhythmic friends along the way.A voice sings a popular song on top of this marching army of un-destroyable dance music that keeps moving forward. The first track felt more like it should be played on the radio in a perfect world and the second one should be played in the clubs. So if you are a radio deejay or one who spins records in some kind of dance establishment you   are invited to take these goodies to your work floor, if this doesn’t apply to you than do whatever you want!
But you might want to click on the link below:

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