The Tidswell Noise collective – Tin Timbre

artist: The Tidswell Noise Collective
title: Tin Timbre
keywords: ambient, drone, dark ambient, atmoshperic, space
label: Rusted Sun

This free release of the Tidswell Noise collective is a 3 track session coming from the melting minds of A. Backhouse, C. Burton, A Elliot, and M. Flood . It comes with a info text full of praises and your reviewer of today (K. Nobuko) can’t wait to explore these actual sound sessions!

The first work is ‘tin timbre’ and starts with setting up a mysterious atmosphere with strange tones that mixes depth with light. Like a foggy road of sound with some shimmery elements of light shining through. The high tone that continues in this mysterious sound layers makes me think of a tea kettle, screaming that the water inside is hot and ready to be served.. Somehow for me this tone is a bit too persistent in this otherwise strange sounding Narnia of sound. Darker sounds flow in small breezes from side to side like the effects of a movie where we expect something intensive to happen. Next to fog, there is an absolute element of coldness within this mysterious world. It’s like ambient for people with steal nerves as it keeps feeding the listener things that might be coming from unfriendly zones that never really show themselves, keeping us at our toes the whole time. If things get too scary than just focus on the whistle in the mix and remind you to come back to the kitchen and switch of the kettle.

The next session is called ‘Flakefrost’ which in my personal opinion is much more interesting and original material than the titular track. Here we have something that sounds more like an experimental noise jam band connecting their talents in a sophisticated way. Soft brushes, a small jazzy vibe, sweet noise elements are all having a friendly time within this track. Wish it was somehow longer as I would love to hear this track evolve and blow me away some way.

With the last track ‘cavern 2’ the collective feeds us warm tones mixed with darker ones. Yet again there is a mysterious atmosphere created that would fit nicely as the backdrop for a sinister themed fairy tale. With sounds that are carefully attempting to hypnotize the listener in a world of dark wonders.

Tin Timbre is a nice attempt to have these individuals come together and evolve a sound of their own. The information text that came with the release somehow raised my suspicion of having a genius record over here, but somehow the release left my ears a bit disappointed. Except for the second track that brought out the group elements, the other two mysterious tracks felt like they could have been made by one individual. Still an enjoyable free record (if you like the sounds of Narnia) that you might want to check out at the following link:

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2 Responses to The Tidswell Noise collective – Tin Timbre

  1. andi elliott says:

    Hi . I must say I was very pleased to read your review. I also thank you for the content and the balanced way you approached the subject. Not only is it encouraging but also there is lots we can learn and take away from it. I agree with the negatives pointed out and take them onboard. we are developing and getting clearer in what we do and honing down the essences (hopefully seen in our later album ‘Cleansed’). I feel I should say something stupid like If there is anything we can do to return your favour we are very pleased too, just let us know. What I mean I suppose is thank you for your time and effort, we are grateful and it was not wasted. Kind regards
    Andi Elliott (Tidswells)

  2. Cath Burton says:

    Thanks KN , Ive tried to comment once but may have failed . Anyway . Really appreciate your time and considered comments re Tim Timbre, lots to think about from them and lots to learn from . anything we can offer or do to say than kyou to you , please let us know Regards Andi Elliott (tidswell team)

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