Dr. NoiseM / Duality Micro – Hard Wired

Artist: Dr. NoiseM / Duality Micro
title: Hard Wired
format: Tape
keywords: experimental, noise, chiptune, electronica

Welcome at another fine review at Yeah I Know It Sucks, today we have a split tape between the underground artist Dr. NoiseM and duality micro. Two artists that seem to take complete different directions on each side of the tape, both having fun in an experimental coat which is the element that keeps them together while being different.

On side A we will hear the experiments of Dr NoiseM at work: Soft filter experiments on a synthesizer starting to evolve in louder thrilling ones that squeak and rattle like the slippery wet paws of a parrot on a wet floor of a bathing house. The parrot puts his hair up like a little punk when the artist introduces some fun heavy blast of electric buzz fuzz. Side A of this tape release is showing attitude that is of a specific kind, a bit of a show off what the synthesizer could do next to making music.

Duality Micro takes over on the other side of the tape with a tune called ‘flooded’. This track is taking a more electro direction with the use of a vocoder, cute computer bleebs and friendly contagious catchiness. Think about a sweet grooving track made for robots and their lovers grooving on a delicious psychedelic electronica space trip of friendliness. This is pretty nice stuff that will satisfy collectors of experimental oddities and electronic goodies at the same time. For more information and how to get this tape, you are invited to click on the following link:

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