Ike Harold – White EP

artist: Ike Harold
title: White EP
cat: Siro632
keywords: ambient, other
label: Sirona-Records

The first track on this EP by Ike Harold delivers the sounds of heaven as it has been stated in the bible. I can’t recall the chapter, issue or page number, but think about lounging on soft fluffy clouds, eating healthy salads in white robes with angels singing around you. Above the clouds there is always sunshine but for some magical reason you don’t need to use sun cream in heaven. Probably because in our days before entering the afterlife we loved to listen to a teaspoon of distortion, the heaven sounds are adjusted to our personal tastes and are slightly tickling in the red. It just gives the sounds of heaven that little extra punch that makes it bearable for a Satanist who ended up taking a wrong corner somewhere..

The second track that is named ‘sorry’ is something that could be clarified as ambient that shows some kind of underlying sadness in a beautiful atmosphere. Like realizing that you actually may have died to end up in this place called heaven and you actually forget to switch of the gas before passing away. sorry’ for leaving embarrassing pictures or letters on the desk, ‘sorry’ for being such an asshole while walking around on earth. Or something else that burns a hole in your mind that actually has no real meaning of importance in this heavenly sound output created by Ike Harold.

The final part called ‘Spectre’ is like we finally reach peace of mind and are able to being vaporized in acceptance of our new identity as an angel. This track is absolutely breathtaking material that touches upon a subject of being officially buried with loved ones paying tribute to your lifeless body back down on earth. Church bells dance with the piano keys while a wonderful feeling of acceptance and peace serves the left over human beings that are mourning the death of a loved one, as well as the closing chapter and looking forward to test out the new wings on your back.

This ‘White EP’ is really something that tells some kind of a story, I interpreted it here as the transition of being in heaven, sorrow and finally being able to leave the coffin as an angel dressed in white robes.. It also could be a story about perhaps a wedding and the inner feelings that come with it. First sounds of happiness, the joy of realizing you have a life together with someone you love. Than a slight burst of the bubble when thinking that you are not able to shag whoever that comes your way without consequences and the last chapter putting all worry’s aside while celebrating the wedding day.. Whatever the story is that your mind wants to apply to this record, I’m sure you will find the answer at the following link:

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  1. Thanks a lot dude, Take care 🙂

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