Nihilistic Delusion & Failure – Time Of The Final Torment

artists: Nihilistic Delusion & Failure
title: Time Of The Final Torment
cat: SPNet115
keywords: black noise
label: SPnet

Two Russian sound explorers that generally surround themselves in darkness and experimental environments are joined together to deliver us Time Of The Final Torment.
This title may sound a little drastic and dramatic, but actually hits the nail right on the head.

Be aware that it is the readers own responsibility to protect the ears at any time while checking the link at the bottom of this review as this is some loud, noisy stuff that might indulge a heart attack when not being well prepared for it. It contains heavy noise that crackles with a distinctive sound happily in the distortion sectors.

Somehow it sounds melodic, but that also could be just a glitch of my imagination while this white/black noise is creating havoc in the brain. All these glorious painful sounds are seemingly produced with the help of guitars that are getting raped through active destruction filters.

Worth to mention was that while my ears encountered this improvisational sounding noise record, I had a weird feeling of losing balance, on the edge of an epileptic attack mixed with fainting!
Is that a good thing? Well that is of course up to you dear reader,  but  it just might be just the thing you where looking for!
Get this release for free at the following link:

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