HUMANS – Obsolete Medicine

artist: HUMANS
title: Obsolete Medicine
format: 3½” floppy disk (limited edition 280 copy’s)
keywords: punk
label: Auris Apothecary

Auris Apothecary is a label that takes great care of each and every release with stunning packaging that makes each item a true collectable.
Just browsing through their catalog will make every lover of DIY and music excited with great curiosity.

One of these records is a vary short release housed on a 3½” floppy disk.
The package looks stunned with its laser print on white card stock sleeves with cut out eyes. Hand numbered and released in a limited edition of 280 copy’s, and there are still some left for the lobit floppy fethish-ists under us!

But what’s actually on this diskette?
The work of nobody less of HUMANS delivering 3 tracks in the pure pleasurable bitcrush environment of 80 kbps!
Believe me or not this record, even considering its very short play length is worth your attention, as HUMANS delivers exclusive raw energetic weirdo punk that sounds like a fun attack on the establishment! Raw uptight guitars, up-roaring punk vocals and super speed intensive drums that when played loudly from your floppy disk reader might energize the listener so much that you want to stage dive from your desk! Be sure to have some smelly punk friends over who are able to break your fall when you lend and share the fun. Invite some humans to enjoy the energetic authentic lofi / lobit punk songs of HUMANS!
For more information do follow this link:
or order a copy at the Auris Apothecary online store:

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1 Response to HUMANS – Obsolete Medicine

  1. Rock On !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the best and the world needs to know about the New Humans in our surroundings !!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You !!!!!!

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