Common Citizens – Singles

artist: Common Citizens
Title: Singles
keywords: electronic, chill out, downtempo, electronica, trip-hop

‘There goes the neighborhood’ is a very original relaxing tune that plays around with a rhythm that seems to be wonky, but actually isn’t. Spacious filtered humming vocals that reminds me of the vocal parts of Aphex Twin’s ‘windowlicker’ gets a smooth massage with a sweet lounge piano that twinkle’s away to please our lazy heads in a comfortable atmosphere. If the whole neighborhood was sucked up by a tornado you wouldn’t care while listening to this tune; a free musical chill pill!

With ‘lounge this’ we keep on being massaged with easy going minimalistic chill out music. The soft melody flows by softly and functions as some kind of safe haven while the beats are flirting with some more uptempo stuff.

The last track is ‘One Sweet Day’ and features chopped and clipped up male and female vocals that equally flows on top of friendly warmth music, mixed with a steady beat for another moment of fine bliss. Even though the vocals are chopped up and busy the general flow makes it into a fine and understandable chill out track.

Pretty original tracks that are nice to wake up too, or to just spin on the background while taking a break of the hectic-ness of the day. You can get them over here for free:

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