Jonas The Plugexpert – Electra EP

artist: Jonas The Plugexpert
title: Electra EP
keywords: electronic, breakbeat, drum n base, electronica, jungle

Are you ready for the work of an profesional? Someone who knows which knobs to twist and which ones to turn to produce awesome electronic music? Time to make an appointment with Jonas The Plugexpert on this fine Electra EP!

This story starts with a cool electronica track called ‘Hangman Position’. The rattling beats are somehow beatboxing with sexy fat baselines, fanatic rhythmic uptight elements and friendly bells that seem to pop up once in a while. Also some rightly placed vocal samples just add some more perfection to this ball busting electra orgasm!

With ‘Come At Me Bro’ Jonas The Plugexpert drops a seriously playful beat and joyful freaky plastic fantastic sexy synth flubs and flops. This is stirred and shaken well into a perfect source of fun that will make you dance in a full state of sexy grooviness. Lovely smooth melodies that fly around creates a tension that is comical swell as strangely funky! Only a plug expert could pull this off!

More goodness will pop out of your speaker system when spinning a tune called ‘Jukenburg’.
Very play-full beats with hypersensitive rhythmic elements that will make the listener fly in a state of electronica happiness. Lovely funky deep baselines and sparkly grooves are an irresistible mix with the warm synthesizer melodies. Its difficult to sit still on this stuff!

Track 4 is the pretty ‘Late Night Stroller’ which takes us on a bouncy stroll with friendly sounding beats, fine melodies and plain joy! Be happy and let your body go and see how the friendly acid bulbs turn a nice smile on your face while bouncing to this fine stuff!

Now time to even go a little bit more crazy with the ‘Hot Blond Seduced With Midi Controller’ track,
think frisky sounding mad hatter electronica that will satisfy every brain dance lover with its energetic blasts of happy energy, wobbling acid melodies and baselines and just plain joy converted into electronic music! This will enforce a huge electra orgasm when played loudly! Awesome stuff!

Safe the best for last? That is difficult as all tracks on this Electra EP could be described as the best top notch stuff on this release. They all have a different character and diversity, but yet very fitting together sound and friendly energy wise.
‘De Peppel’ is a friendly ending with more energetic beats and warm electronic music that flirts with craziness! Absolutely a lovely release from this Dutch producer that you definitely should check out at the following link:

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