Various Artists – Depths Of Moribund Mind

artists: Various Artists
titel: Depths Of Moribund Mind
cat: TAN210
keywords: ambient, industrial, noise, experimental, post punk, black metal, field recording, electronic, folk
label: Tales About Nothing

The Yeah I Know It Sucks inbox is exploding with requests, even if we could afford to hire a whole football team of illiterate reviewers we still wouldn’t be able to keep up with it.
This is the main reason why most of the request end up in some kind of waiting list until the right time and moment arrives for them to stand in the spotlight. Some requests eat up a lot of time as we try to dig deep into everything we hear.

The following review is one that settled in the waiting room for a bit, absorbing the atmosphere and munching on the chocolate cookies, while reading dodgy gossip magazines. It’s a compilation produced by the netlabel called ‘Tales About Nothing’. It is one of these labels that releases very frequently and the home of a variety of noise and experimental acts.

This compilation that we will dive into is in general having a dark mood, something noisy goths will enjoy through the layers of their black mascara.. Perhaps also other listeners who enjoy a diversity of darkness would be having a peticular blast with this one. Be aware that if you are not in either category and are enjoying a bright happy mood at this very moment, I’m not recommending to start this release as these sounds might exchange the feel good feelings into a depressive depression.

The great thing of this conceptual compilation is that the tracks are really fitting in the same mood, depressive perhaps, but it sure is something that you could sink in without being disturbed by a offbeat track supplied by an artist who delivers the odd jolly jumper to this listening session. A good flow in the track list and some kind of a themed mood is important for a successful compilation, but also diversity.
The track order and the continuos mood are well done but the diversity is a bit lacking within this gigantic compilation, which makes it hard to go through it without swallowing at least a couple of prozac pills..

An artist with the illustrious name of ‘Свобода Солнечного Мышления’ has the lucky opportunity to open this large compilation. The strange robotic strings that have hints of ambient for slightly morbid aliens are something that I could imagine hearing in the hallway of some obscure vessel in another galaxy. Even though the music comes across calmly, there is something that crawls underneath these tones, something that may or may not attack the listener in its sleep. Just in case, your reviewer keeps his eyes wide open, because you never know what will slice your throat when dreaming away on these alien ambient sounds

The perfect transition helps to deliver the work of the artist called ‘Purplphobia’.
It really fits the science fiction atmosphere of the previous track, but adds more a humid air with the drops of water in these layers of dark spacious ambient synth work. There is always a cosy feeling applied to raindrops and water drips in general and with the adding of these elements the track seems to find a mutual playground of warmth and darkness.

‘Dark Flow’ delivers us fuzzy guitar work that shapes dreamy soundscapes. I can’t help to feel sadness in this work, perhaps it’s the dramatic way how the tones are being played. Or perhaps it’s just the cold of the depth of the fuzzy Ocean that this track is dedicated too.
At the end there are some more brighter parts that seems to be brought by the waves of the same ocean.

The wondrous ‘Steam Flow’ brings its piano skills to the compilation. It’s called ‘rying Orc (Burzum Cover) and even if you are not aware of the original, it is a nice listen!

‘Schwargleis’  brings a track that feels slightly more experimental, with seemingly a guitar jam as its main instrument. It gets filtered in many ways and unfiltered too. The tones are dramatic, sinister even. It’s almost a classical music piece with strange odd tones matched with the lesser odd ones.
If I was a psychopath in search for some music to listen too in my spare time, I would definitely go for this tune. Perhaps murdering someone at the final tones of this track, just for the hell of it!

Then after the murderous feelings that came up from nowhere, someone called ‘ScreamFuck’ comes in. A 16 minute track named ‘Mermaid’. It starts with high tones, Just on the edge of nasty. But still enjoy-able. Then slowly the mermaid theme comes in translated by weird birds (or perhaps singing mermaids) from a coastal line. They sing magical strange tones, like some kind of weird spell for the bypassing sailor.

Kreazot-Maks delivers ‘Poisonous fog’ to this compilation of all round darkness. This track is great when played on extreme loud volumes. It is like a apocalyptic event with vibrating noise, guitars being tortured and a beat of war. It is getting more and more extreme until the track will reach potentially dangerous levels of testarone! Pigs are being ritually slaughtered as the vibrant noise literally takes off like a manic aircraft from hell. Intensive stuff!

Time for a bath in a deep swamp of despair! It’s a track supplied by Nihilistic Delusion and sounds like a recording of the bubbles in a tropical bubble bath. This steady flow of lofi crackles goes on for at least five minutes, and makes sure our whole body gets a good wash!

After a nice relaxing bubble bath of darkness its a good moment to step in the sound of Sleep Column’s Drevosled. It’s like stepping inside the continuous flow of an hairdryer, making sure our body’s are dry and cleaned by this wall of noise.

Just because obviously the organizer of this compilation cares about our cleanness and hygiene, the secret formula named  CH3-C(O)-CH3 is kindly donated here by the inventor called; Wram. It’s like our skin and ears are being treated with blowing laser sharp amounts of sand! Polishing the skin with something that feels a bit like setting a tattoo, a pleasurable pain that turns our rough skins in smooth milky ones!

Noise Jihad delivers a harsh noise Jihad and  Malleus Maleficarum another wall of noise of a lengthy length. These tracks by different artists are almost sounding the same, not a lot of thing going on, just ear crashing raw steady outburst of noise that rinse the ears.

By the time Melancholic Memories pops up with a 29 minute track called ‘Posture of Nothingness’, I have to admit that I’m bored as fuck of the monotone sound of steady hiss. Of course walls of noise are like ambient, good for fucked up meditations perhaps but just reaching this track feels like a milestone. Just knowing that there are more tracks to hear is making me depressed while I normally perceive  the air of noise as a exciting thing. It’s perhaps just the placement of the similar sounding tracks with very little variation that successfully destroy my appetite for music, and probably all music in general. Noise is a powerful thing, there is no doubt about that!

I wonder what the next track will be.. ah such a relief! Wrath Of Alien pumps a different painful tone in my ears! something like the continuos flow of a high pitched drill.. Now I am depressed and my ears are bleeding! Great!

Dementia by Parpita is for such a nasty noise track more of a blessing as it actually plays with the mind, changes slowly and has some kind of magical effect on the imagination. Is this a fieldrecording manipulation with the squeaking tires of a car while stepping on the break? Or is the buzz fuzz making me hear things that aren’t actually there?

Malevolent Alien Being comes around the corner with another steady wall of noise. 17 minutes listening to this track is like standing in a heavy rainfall while aiming your ears to catch the heavy amount of water.

Inshallah 88 delivers us some arabic sounding prayers in a simular sounding noise environment. It’s refreshing to hear something human in these outbursts of steady noise. Like we are coming closer and closer to a well deserved Walhalla.

Obsessed Flesheater delivers also a more enjoyable piece of noise called ‘Plague Warrior    ‘. It feels like we are receiving some kind of faint frequency of the past, someone purring like a cat in soft scratches of sweet fuzz.

The noise gets more variation and is getting more painfull as well as more interesting with the work of Auto De Fe. Strange odd and nasty frequency’s are somehow doing a psychopathic attack on the hearing system (or whats left of it..) .

Extremely weird to hear between this energy consuming nonstop noise attack is a musical piece by chornosnig. It is like a magical moment and my ears are cheering happily, even though the pretty music is hopefully drained with pure depression. It is just such a delight to hear a softly played guitar with so much sadness and integrity that it feels like a epic moment of beauty.
The same thing counts for the track supplied by Mutual Remedy called HET (Der Golem Cover).

Montes Insania brings a delicious lofi symphonic death metal track called ‘Gray Infinitude’    .

Shadows Of The Fallen is out to destroy the happy life, think more dark screams from a grungy throat, satanic tones of guitar riffs and smooth operating synthesizer for the extra dramatic effect.

Than suddenly the ears are released from all this dark depressive tones, the coldness of un-personal noise and the satanic metal for some light weight campfire music by an artist called Failure. Think a mouth harp that suddenly raises some sunshine in this dark hole that hailes from this compilation. Thank you Failure, for bringing some friendliness for the tormented ears!

Than its time for an artist we have come across before ‘Vi-Fi ‘ with a interesting deliverance called: Jay Guru Deva Om,Om Mane Padme Hum. Audio manipulation, darkness, drums that seem to have a life on their own, complete spookiness and all in a freestyle form of darkness. If jazz musicians where gothics, jazz could have sounded like this recording.

And than it’s time for yet something more darker than everything we have encountered in this compilation before: the raping of pop music! CjStiori’s Never Call Me (Alteration Carly Rae Jespen)    is a great track that somehow makes cheesy pop bearable through noisy manipulation. Add some porno fun at the end and everybody is happy!

And the happiness continuos with the strange electropop tones mixed with a mad recording of people having fun.  Sakura ‘s Underage Drunk Slut is more happy than the title suggest, or perhaps drunk sluts are always in for a happy moment!

Another goody on this compilation is this calm dark electronic track by X-evier.

Senselessness  brings a track that seems to shiver in dark corners, minimal sounds in cold surroundings.

A sad little sounding work of Nerosha called ‘Blanket And Pillow’ sound like the thematic music for an 80ties horror movie with children in the main lead.

Some kind of lobit swamp comes to mind while listening to the soft melodic tones of  Drifting Spaceship by deafness. A nice place to take a rest before the following artist will tear your head apart.

Red Borsch raises up the distortion with some kind of guitar jam that actually sounds very exciting! Energy is among us and comes in the form of Borschcore!

From the energetic nastiness we suddenly drop in a field recording of daily city life by System Essence. And after that some strange vocal experimental lofi outburst of 884! Think dada-ism poetry that whispers in your neck.

Of course just to remind us that we started to forget about all the assaults on the ears, To-Bo pops up with nasty tones and harsh painful frequency’s of roughly shaped noise!

Track 36! The track that I believe would never come, but came! It is the last track of this hard to go through compilation.  Rusting Nihilism has the honor to salute us with sweet bit crushed noises that seem to hang once in a while like an old scratchy record.

Goodbye, Tales About Nothing! thank you for keeping this reviewer up all night and day with this tournament of noise, darkness and a few happy moments!
Everyone who listens to this compilation from head to toe deserves a medal for guts and taste!
Click here to torture yourself with
the Depths Of Moribund Mind compilation:

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