Plonk Moist – Plonk Moist (fNs024)

Plonk Moist - Plonk Moist

If you really squint your eyes, the album art for Plonk Moist’s self-titled album is… still mostly illegible. I’ll have to apologize, the thumbnail is extremely tiny, but the original jpeg file was super-massive so I linked to this instead. Oh, and the ‘O’s have eyes… and they’re watching you pee…

Artist: Plonk Moist
Title: Plonk Moist
Label: for Noise’s sake
Cat#: fNs024
Keywords: Noise, Blues, Punk, Free Improvisation
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I never really liked the film Ghost World to be honest, but listening to this album reminded me of that one scene that I thought was kind of funny. “BLUES HAMMER!” Anyway… I recently discovered this Madrid-based free blues noise duo, Plonk Moist, due to a fake band pic they had circulating around on the web. I was linked to their music at, but it was only one track, so I searched to see what else of theirs I might stumble upon for review. Felt I’d start with this, their self-titled, for two reasons: one, it’s really good, and two, it only has twenty-three downloads… since 2009. o_O How does this happen? Hopefully we can fix that by shining a light on it at YIKIS… so get ready for some noise!

‘Armi Beter’ brings the pain immediately with a harsh blast of distortion, and then we go straight into some hardcore noise rock. Pummeling and aggressive, with screaming, lots of crash cymbals. So good! Very harsh and wonderful. Toward the end they sound as if they’re going apeshit, the drums have to be getting torn up from all this abuse. Ends with brain-numbing feedback.

Then it’s ‘Fulger Vast’, beginning with bass distortion, adding feedback squeals and then going into some heavy thrash noise and even more feedback.

Next is ‘Massasako’, featuring midrange frequency noise, adding a layer of improv guitar shredding, then the arhythmic assault of drums and vocals buried under the harsh wall of noise!!! Very uncompromising, harsh, and yet still very listenable somehow. Enjoyable, even. Anybody could get into this sound, it’s that good. The vocals seem to throb in and out of prominence in the mix, which is a highly surreal effect.

After that is ‘Bupokow’, battering your ear drums even further with loud signal static feedback, some screaming, something being slammed around. Then the drum destruction happens again, accompanied by frenetic, ludicrous guitars that give off a feeling of anxiety, like at any moment they could reach into your head to do some serious damage.

‘Puchers’ is just as relentless, stabbing the ears with feedback. Then some drums happen, then the impossible wall of distorted guitar.

The last track is ‘Fluflefle’, in which the noise almost develops a tremolo, possibly quaking under the enormous pressure of the red-hot mixing. Drums crash around, traces of vocal sound… this is the longest of the tracks on here and is also probably the best, closing the album out with something that sounds less punishing and more punished, utterly broken and somehow also very psychedelic. As it goes it becomes more and more intense. Really great! By this point you might have a headache, as I’m sure was the intent, but it was a lot of fun getting here!

Follow the link to hear this amazing noise rock improv for yourself, and be sure to bring painkillers:

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