Tom Monoto – Neon

artist: Tom Monoto
title: Neon
keywords: retro, electro

It has been years ago that my tongue tasted the delicious tastes of pure cheese, luckily my ears are luckier whit the newest EP of Tom Monoto! Four excellent audio cheeses in a loveable electro retro format, think excellent old school synth sounds forming simple but irresistible superb melodies on a stable beat. These tracks will make Oldschool electro lovers come in their pants with its arousing prehistoric electronic sound!

The first tasty cheese has an effective baseline, a to the point 4 by 4 never ending beat, mixed with spacy retro synths that will satisfy the hunger for old retro times..

Let’s take another slice of this freshly produced cheese and let it go around in the ears for a while, just to absorb the perfect aroma Tom Monoto has captured here. ‘Triangular Constructor’ is its name and contains a deep rumbling synth with funky flavor on top while a repetitive short melody is holding up tension. Something that I could imagine as a theme tune for some kind of retro detective series with futuristic elements. Sherlock Holmes in a space ship solving crimes…

The next bite is just pure flavor, perfect melodies that are yet again simple but perfect! Who needs more if you have all the right ingredients to deliver pleasure? Retro pleasure that fly’s by way too quick!

One personal highlight is the last tune on this Neon EP, it has a very sensitive and a glow of sincerity over it. Loveable sweet synth sounds forming a track that feels like something that could deliver tears to my eyes. The compact time of it all saves me from the wetness dripping from my eyes, but still this track stands out for its emotional powers…

I didn’t eat all the cheese as that would have been very selfish, but instead left you enough slices to enjoy at the following link: <KN>

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