Pollux – Zero Landscape (Siro635 / SPCS21)

Artist: Pollux
Title: Zero Landscape
Label: Sirona / SP
Cat#: Siro635 / SPCS21
Keywords: Ambient, Noise, Drone, Experimental, Other
Reviewer: Johan Nederpel

Whales with talking difficulties, that’s how this cassette/download/ gets you of your feet to slam you down again when the second track starts. The dark drone sounds of the third track made you wish those whales where coming back to play with you again.

Instead it turns out that it are the whales evil twins, the still undiscovered whalliens, that drag you down to the ocean floor. As you breath your last breath you notice that those pesky whalliens dropped you of before their leader.

During the fourth track he tries to convince you to join them, but you can’t make up a word he’s saying, because of his slow breathing. After he thinks you’ve been mocking him, he puts you in a batysphere to let in to his wonderful city on the ocean floor.

You’re welcomed by a group of African bongo players as you’re escorted to your living quarters. In your room you here the echoes of city; Decompression tanks, Air-cooling apparatus, ventilation shafts, people walking by, Whallies selling illegal stuff. At the end of side A you’re too tired and fall asleep, to wake at side B of this cassette.

Feeling nauseous, you stand up to take a pill with some freshly desalted ocean water. After you open your door you’re taken away by some Whallies for open-brain surgery. All kind of scalpels pierce into your synapses.

After this extremely pleasant intermission you wake up again. You hear birds singing and fluttering around your head. But you also hear a slow strange sound coming up. Are the Whallies trying to take over your body? The headache is coming back and you want to take another pill. Then you discover that you’re tied to your bed. Desperatly you try to escape, but the chains are cast in pure iron.

That stupid headache is turning into a migraine. Then the sirens are going off. Everywhere you see Whallies trying to get away. You notice some cracks in the ceiling. Slowly water is dripping out of the cracks. Is the city going to give in in the weight and pressure of the ocean above it?

Another wake up call. You lay in a bed in a hospital. Is this another Whallies accommodation? You look around and see sings in a language you do understand. People are gathered around your bed. You’re saved! People found me! They probably heard my cry for help!

Then a doctor walks away. He’s getting something from the table. You can’t actually see what he’s picking up. In the blink of an eye you see a huge hacksaw. You fall asleep again.



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