Cmn ineed yr hlp – It Came Without Warning​.​.​.​As Most Disasters Do


artist: Cmn inedd yr hlp
title: It Came Without Warning…As Most Disasters Do
keywordspost-rock, math-rock, sea monsters
reviewer: Johan Nederpel

What is it with people making tracks and albums about sea monsters lately? Is it about climate change and we all will live in the sea in the next couple of hundred years? Specifically in a sub-sea-level city while being kidnapped by monsters?

Cmn ineed yr hlp start off this album with a track called ‘175 feet is a lot of water (Especially when you’re under it) ’ with nice reverbed guitars and drums. A movie sample gives the track a cool atmosphere.  Near the end of the track they really begin to rock the joint. Great post-rock layers that fill your entire room. You think the story is over, don’t you? Wait, faith takes a hand.

‘Without a sail in view’ really kicks in a bucket of octopus remains. This track has a great drive to it. Really clever guitar lines combined with at times contrary and at other times parallel drumming. Brilliant, just brilliant!

‘The prognostication is murder’ tells the tale of a fortune teller on crack. He tells us about the tide. Something we all knew about even before we went to school. I just think he’s trying to be interesting while smoking his pipe. This is the most speedy track of the album. I really can see people shaking their heads on this one!

Now we’re in ‘The face of disaster’. Waves comes crashing in with fire all around it. The track is warning for everybody. No matter where you are, disaster can strike anywhere at any time killing hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time. It would make a great track for a 1960’s instructional video about tsunami’s and hurricanes.

‘Cold, airless, forbidding’ begins as almost a doom metal track. Really heavy guitars, but with still some speed in them. After the, now mandatory sample, the tracks pick up a bit more speed and then suddenly ends just to start again with vengeance.

For lovers of post-rock this is a must-have. The album grabs you and drags you under water.

If you want to buy this album go to: And support their cause to release this album on proper vinyl!

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