MushroomWavved Collar – I’d rather be sleeping

artist: MushroomWavved Collar
title: I’d rather be sleeping
cat: 8R086
keywords: techno, experimental, lobit
label: 8ravens

A few days back there was a friendly mail of the legendary Irrlicht Project in my mail, the artist expressed his fear that the lobit scene was crumbling with less albums being released and many labels who where pushing this scene became troubled, internet-less, or owners simply disappeared into thin air.. The drugs and the kroketten at the massive lobit music festival of last year had taken its toll among contestants and lovers of the genre, to me it was a true highlight of a successful year of rising love and respect for lobit. It also saw so many temporary lobit labels pop up, hifi producers starting suddenly to explore lobit sounds and even for a lobit fetishist the attention to this normally petite scene felt suddenly surreal and almost like an overdose.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons the universe is acting like lobit is sailing in calm waters after the massive hype up it is moving under the radar once again to sail home where it once was and always will be: the hidden lovely corners of the underground!
If you are a trusted reader of YIKIS you might have noticed still lots of fresh lobit coming out on floppy diskette’s and on netlabels that aren’t afraid of these wonderful dusty warmth of beautiful dataloss.

One of the most awesome netlabels that keeps holding up strong is the 8Ravens netlabel. Specialized in releasing albums encoded in pure 8kbps and continues its strength with each and every release. Today on special request we are going to dive into the hottest and newest release on the wonderful label, a record by MushroomWavved Collar called “i’d rather be sleeping’.

I would rather be awake to listen to this release than sleeping as just the prospect of this album truly excites me! And let me tell you this without any exaggeration, this record will make you fall in love with these wonderful sounds once again through  its wonderful spell of beauty!

The first track ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ is a fitting title for such a nostalgic piece of music experience! MushroomWavved Collar treats the ears on a beautiful and kind electronic trip that is very original in its approach of music. A track that is jumping around all labels and boxes of genre’s to be a true real unclassified original. There is a pulsating techno beat guiding us forward through the sweet electronic wonderland that to me feels like meeting a really nice old friend who had been out of sight for a (lo)bit.
A marvelous friendly adventure of sweet techno sounds that hypnotizes with love, sugary acid with melodies that are playful as a happy farmer playing his flute for his goats on the hill. Wonderful melodies that are simply intoxicating the listener in a pure lovely electronic world where everyone is nice, fine and happy!

the title track “I’d rather be sleeping’ takes our brain to a strange party where all the mad hatters, lovable creatures, weirdo’s, crazy friends and gospel choirs, circus freaks and other lobit folk legends are gathered to dance in the town center of Lobith!
Everybody is having a great time, free drinks, smokes, food for everyone who is invited to enjoy these wonderful sounds of pure happiness! Perhaps it’s all a dream, a state of mind, a fantasy.. But if that is the sound of it, I would rather be sleeping too and dance with fellow lobit friends in this friendly feast!

After every successful party there is a mess that somehow needs to be cleared before unexpected guests with hangovers break their necks on empty bottles and other garbage. Luckily in the world of MushroomWavved Collar this event of vacuuming is done in a couple of seconds and a new record of contagious party music will rise from the speakers! Hypnotic warmth of bleeping acid base wobs, sexy vocal sounding sounds, friendly layers of arousing warmth on a energetic flow of wobbling energy truly saves us from the boredom of cleaning up!

Time to chill out for a bit with our stoner friends on the sound of ‘floating around’. Hallucinations generated on this delicious friendly bombastic elephant friendly rhythm of 8kbps love are floating above the ceiling. Time to trip and watch the colors change while the wallpaper print is coming to life and the delicious music sets your head in a unstoppable groove wishing that this release would never ever have to stop…

It’s nice that producers can produce music in hifi dolby surround stereo, but I dare them to make an awesome good sounding record in 8kbps that sounds as crystal clear and enjoyable as the masterful work of MushroomWavved Collar!
Get this wonderful record over here:

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1 Response to MushroomWavved Collar – I’d rather be sleeping

  1. zach vogt says:

    I hate MushroomWavved collar. Since yesterday ive made it to the point where “witch house” is no longer appealing, considering it was invented 3-4 years ago and most people thought it was dead by 3 years ago. I like being hip and going with new aesthetics even though I know that it will die. But at least I can take a picture which I havent done yet and say those were my vaporwavedays since I never did during the witch house times. I also like this song …… considered coldrave. I cant resist I cant resist I cant resist I I I I I I………

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