Various Artists – Interdicted

artists: Various
title: Interdicted
keywords: experimental
label: attenuation circuit

Out on the attenuation circuit netlabel is the 7th edition of a continuous quality compilation series that promises to represent the broadest possible spectrum of experimental approaches to sound. The great thing with these compilations is that they seem to be carried out professionally, compact and featuring indeed a diversity that still really work out in togetherness.

The first track has a very lengthy title of German origin and is made by an artist named Niku Senpuki. The sounds featured on this recording are rather of the arty farty kind, a manipulated voice in a brew of soft sound. It is gone before the visual part of the mind could create a picture and is almost functioning more as a introduction for this compilation than being a stand alone work.

The compilation seem to really start with the pretty experience of bright warmth mixed with experimental sounds that even though they are generated electronically, seems to trigger the emotions and behavior of laying at a sunny  beach while huge waves hit the shore in a calm way. Peer Saer really delivers with these ten minutes of refreshing beauty.

Its great to hear and see Ars Sonor and the Implicit Order featuring Mary Shelly on this compilation. They deliver a beautiful piece of almost ghostly ambient. The rhythmic elements in these tones of warm and at the same time cold layers of sound are like someone engraving a new name on a fresh thumb stone.

Aalfang mit Pferdekopf really fits with the previous mood while actually being completely different. Sweet original vocals mixed with original folk, with experimental electronica in what seems like a strange glued up mess that is actually very entertaining. Noisy dance music is even presented in this weird mix of strangeness. Actually I have no idea what this was all about, but it flew by as a good odd party.

A more understandable tune is made by Ivanor Down. He drops a steady beat and a funky baseline that gets down your ears like a tuna sandwich that slides down your throat. After all the strangeness for the brain, its good to just dance without thinking too much.

A very short but pretty recording sound like it has been recorded in a bathroom moment with Bjork, powdering the nose at a sweet tone avant-garde party. Would love to drink a cocktail with the Bodycocktail All Stars!

Das Tote Kapital delivers an experimental acoustic track that made me think of sombrero’s, eating burrito’s, riding on a donkey to the nearest saloon somewhere between spain and the far west.

With the following work of Divine Anger of God the sweetness has left the building. Think the perfect bad boy biker, cowboy gangster music mixed with some runaway member of Kraftwerk on the vocals. Raw guitar work on a steady groove with the howling voice of the divine creature himself for extra weight! Fucking cool stuff, dudes!

The last artist on this compilation is Emerge who send the listener on a spooky trip where hollow sounds meet the cool air of the night. Where perhaps dark shadows move around the corners waiting for the right moment to make an appearance. This is truly a fascinating track of dark ambience that seem to be a perfect fit for a ling walk in dusty dark lanes of the city.

With this the 7th edition of this compilation has come to an end and me and my ears are already looking forward to hear more of this series. Absolute a very enjoyable listen if you are into experimental music that is diverse but also flows around like a great team of sound explorers!
Check and enjoy this compilation at the following link:

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