Der Domestizierte Mensch – =Nerven=


artist: Der Domestizierte Mensch
title: =Nerven=
keywords plunderphonics
reviewer: Johan Nederpel


‘Eddy Burges’ was an old mechanical engineer with a heart for tube radios that where slightly off frequency. He had a weakness for classical and drones pieces that where broadcasted in the far regions of rural Siberia.


‘Tom Salter’ spent the most of his live as a submarine mate. Working in the harsh environment of high pressures and diesel fumes. His colleagues weren’t always going easy on him. He was the first to be pissed on if something went wrong. Even if it was in another part of the ship. He spend his last days on board putting together a remarkable track consisting of bubble sounds and engine noises. After finally being released of his duty, he went to a bar and spend the whole night drinking fine English blend tea.


‘Cleary Miller’ worked on the bee infested lands of middle Arizona. In the blazing hot sun she listened to the humming of the bees as they were gathering the last drops of nectar to feed there larvae. Picking up her shovel to dig the hole as the day ended, she could hear the last train coming from afar.


‘Maer Cohen’ drove his train from station to station. Braking near a village in the middle of Arizona a nut broke loose of the front of his train. Quietly he inspected it and drove further. In his rearview mirror he saw someone sitting near a pit with a shovel in her hand.


‘Josh Wolitzer’ found himself lost in the woods of Siberia. He didn’t know how he came there. The last thing he remembered was being on board of a submarine. Strange pitched sounds could be heard in the distance. Bright lights and a harsh sound came towards him. As he wanted to run away a light flashed and he froze. He turned around to look into the beam and saw little gray aliens laughing at him. The next thing he remembers is being back in the submarine making jokes about another mate.


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