loopool & The One (family) – allpass the bugs and the breeze

artists: loopool & The One (family)
title: allpass the bugs and the breeze
keywords: experimental, ambient, noise, sound art
label: Amok recordings www.amokrecordings.com

Some things do exactly what they  promise, like the following release of Loopool & The One (Family).
‘Allpass the bugs and the breeze’ is the right fitting title for this mind calming track that indeed sounds like a lovely collection of insects that are passing by  with a enjoyable summers breeze. But don’t expect to find any field recordings over here, neither expect to recognize your regular garden bugs in this recording, as this is all digital made up electric sounds that simply creates an illusion  of being a track of nature.
There is not a lot to say about it other than it is an utter calming listening experience. Not only because of its soothing sounds but also because it proofs that if in the worst case scenario of the future all bugs, insects and buzzing creatures are distinct, their sounds can still be produced with experimental electronics.. Don’t worry about the food chain, it’s the survival of sounds of summer days that is of great importance!
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