Swin Deorin & Total E.T. – Birthday Treats And Big Bouncy Teats Split

artists: Swin Deorin & Total E.T.
title: Birthday Treats And Big Bouncy Teats Split
keywords: electronic, ambient, breakbeat, experimental, relaxation

The darkened  room is only lit by the birthday candles stuck into a fresh looking cake. It is time to chill the f@ck out with the music of Swin Deorin who takes the listener on a relaxing quest for more light. Blowing out the candles might not actually help but the soulful guitar jam, spacious warmth and stoner rhythm really provides a real relaxing experience. It is like swin is smoking the best high grade material and has managed to translate it in wonderful dreamy music. Kind as Swin Deorin is, he has donated this wonderful music for anyone who wants to enjoy it! It’s his birthday today and what is better than to celebrate it with a proper piece of well made sincere warmth by the artist himself? Smoke one in this man’s honor and enjoy this funkadelic chillness!

Today it is a happy day as it isn’t only Swin Deorin’s birthday, but also the day that the man behind Total E.T. was born! Bring in the oriental flutes! The crazy rhythms and some crisps in case the munchies will arrive! And to make this really into a happening it is great to hear these two artist having teamed up to make this day into a musical one! Where Swin Deorin provided the high grade greenery relaxing experience, Total E.T. has feasted on the eating of the earlier presented space cake! Expect some fun, giggling, feel good highness and insanity for the ultimate mad hatter birthday party!

When the lungs and bellies are full of good weed and the brain is totally indulged with the happiness that comes with it, Swin Deorin starts to play fantastic beats on top of ‘the outer sector’ tune that came out of the fried brains of Total E.T.! Time to fly, eat more cake, drink something (cause we cant afford dehydration on a birthday party!) and basically enjoy a musical lift off!

Colouring Walls bright by Swin Deorin gets a alien abducted drum mix by Total E.T.. This is something to shake your head too, roll more fat spliffs and dance your body in a way that body’s normally shouldn’t move! Dance the freaky way while the eyes turn pleasantly red! It’s their party and we smoke if we want to!
Join these two artist on their birthday party and celebrate their sounds over here:

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