Origami Repetika – Lines

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: Lines
cat: Siro328
keywords: electronica, alternative
label: Sirona Records

I swear that I didn’t register the title of this release in the membranes of my head, but when hearing the first track on this work by Origami Repitika my brain instantly thought of lines of cocaine. Not that this music is uptight, aggressive, selfish  as most users are coming across, with their eyes popping out of their skull and their inability to too beat the habit.

Still as someone who is already sitting on a coke throne without taking any ego enlarging chatters drug, this music on this EP somehow triggers memories of being the right height without going around with slime hanging on your chin, chatting how great and magnificent you as a persona are to unwilling ears and complete strangers. I can’t really put my finger on it, but somehow there is this thing in me that wants to say that this is music that would be perfect for a certain chemical high. Not for the people who are fucked up, but more for a test pilot cause even though this stuff is evil, you have to experience all yourself to classify stuff and make your own opinions. I’m talking about that white stuff, not the music of Origami Repetika in case you thought: uh!? evil?!

Damn, out of personal experiences I personally really hate cocaine. It makes people cold at heart and makes weak users very dependent, automatically ruining families, relationships with destructive financial situations, and of course the damage that It might infect to long term users..

I worked as a nurse on a blue Monday and met people who had proper brain-damage because of this habit. A female who’s veins in the brain where so tightened up that she suffered several brain injuries, making her into a projectile violent person who would beat and shout the shit out of her own husband and kids and whoever else, if she still had the control over her own arms and legs that is.  After a lot of shouting and screaming she became my friend as well as a 30 something guy who took so many shit and ended up having the memory of a fish. Every 5 seconds he was wondering where he was, who you are, who he was and asking if he could smoke a spliff.. Which (this was in Holland) he luckily got prescribed to cease his pains. He was also completely paralyzed, except his hands that could still be used to smoke his daily joint. Every day he would ask me ‘Are you Jesus?’.. Are you my father? Until one day he was gone and not very long after it also the woman passed away..

Perhaps these where extreme cases of cocaine use, but somehow it left an impression on me, aswell as the many assholes who chat out of their own asshole and think they are the greatest people in the entire universe.. If you are indeed the greatest, you really don’t need that shit.. But anyway that’s just my personal opinion… uh fuck.. I blabla away it seems, filling up this whole review and didn’t even spoke about the actual music other than that it reminds me of a perfect chemical high.. Falling in to some kind of rant.. If I didn’t know better this could be a cocaine talk speed writing session… But no, actually I drank a bit.. Booze that is.. So perhaps you can blame all this nonsense on that empty bottle in the corner.. sorry dear users, in case I said something wrong.. my honest apologies.. now let’s continue with the actual music ..

So yes, this should be the perfect music while experiencing a chemical high. Not too much, just enough lines up your nose so you might pull out your cowboy suit and indulge in some fanatic line-dancing! Don’t get the wrong impression.. this music got nothing to do with cowboys whatsoever. In fact this whole review up to now has barely got something to do with the actual music that I have been enjoying over and over again.. It’s almost as addictive as the things I was ranting about not so very long ago.

The first track is called ‘Torture but it is the kind of pain I really like’, which also basically fits the whole pre-text. I mean in the end sometimes we like to take things into our bodies that can proper damage us, torture us but still we take it anyway, cause for some reason it indeed gives us something that we like? Nah also this doesn’t really make sense.. damn it is hard to review a EP that is enjoyable while alcohol is having a party in the brain. Let’s say that the first track is nice, it rolls away way too quickly and feels perfect for chemical highness (did I mention that before?).

Also on the same higher heights feels the second track, enjoyable breakbeats that rolls friendly among perfect hypnotic electronica with beautiful warmth, a soul (not infected by the coldness of certain chemicals) which really fills up the room with lucid sounds of perfectness. I like this a lot! And you know what they say about drunk people? They will always say the truth!

what I also like is the friendly ‘For Heavens Cake’ tune, it’s so friendly and less high than the previous sounding tracks. More touchable, with great guitar works, an energetic electro rock beat and good vibes! For Heavens cake, just stop reading this shit, just go to the bottom of this deranged piece of drunk writing and download this lovely EP! It’s free, it’s good and proper! Where are you waiting for? Open a bottle, celebrate and search the download link!

..ah still here, eh? Well me too..  The music of Origami Repetika is also still here with an amazing feel good tune called ‘Super In My Eyes And My Heart Is Beating Fast Super.’ I wanted to make a word joke as it must be all the lines that disappeared in the nose responsable for the raising heart beats, but it doesn’t really fit with the lovely music that is provided here.. This is music , regardless for who the right listener may be, is definitely made by a talented producer/musican that has a big heart, full of love and passion..  Truly the work of love! As is the whole Origami Repetika oeuvre! In fact I played today a other album by this wonderful project and had people come up to me to please burn the music for them on cd.. I told them this is Origami Repetika, an awesome producer of the underground, spreading lovely vibes hidden in quality friendly tracks of happiness for free for whoever lucky enough to find them!

For now I will go out and next to buying some empty cdr’s to pass to my internetless freshly created Origami Repetika fans I will search for a new full bottle of alcoholia just to celebrate that the review has come to a safe ending! Please do not hesitate to press with your mouse-pointer on the link below.. Enter that page and get these healthy ‘Lines’  for free! No nose required, just ears!

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