V.S.V. – Les Pierres De Baalbek (NJMP3-0418)

V.S.V. - Les Pierres De Baalbek

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary in the album art for Les Pierres De Baalbek by V.S.V. Certainly not any ufos.

Artist: V.S.V.
Title: Les Pierres De Baalbek
Label: Noise-Joy
Cat#: NJMP3-0418
Keywords: Dark Ambient, Illbient, Breakbeat
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

V.S.V. was a really cool artist from the Noise-Joy days… he sent a lot of awesome music my way, and even contributed other great stuff like gif/jpg images for the label… sadly, I couldn’t find any examples of those still on the internet anyplace. One of the many reasons I was sad when the label was lost was because artists like V.S.V. were so clearly as invested in it’s continuation as I had been. I’m excited though now to be able to, bit by bit, share with you this artist’s work, as it all truly deserved more time in the limelight than it got back then.

The first track is the titular ‘Les Pierres De Baalbek’, and it begins with the onset of a strange alien frequency pad, very shrill and cold. This is what I imagine you might hear standing on the surface of the Moon, or Mars… or maybe someplace worse, Gigeresque. Very spacy and dark. Would easily work as the soundtrack for an Alien film, or maybe for a Tyranid invasion. Or maybe it’s like… you’re just chillin’ in hell with the cenobites, or in Midian with this guy. Or maybe you’re just completely fucked and beyond help.

Then it’s the ‘Atharva-Veda’, the real heart of this short work, which starts off sounding like the throbbing drone of some giant, vacant spaceship. Maybe if you found yourself in one of the crafts from Independence Day it would have sounded like this. Then a deep, slow-motion breakbeat comes in along with heavy, distorted guitar drones. I love how gritty and distorted it is, and it almost now makes me think of it as a precursor to some of the music in the witchhouse genre as it almost has that sound but came out too early to really be in that category.

Anyway… I hope you enjoy this small work, there will be more to come! Here’s a link:


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