Lee Rosevere – Xeno

artist: Lee Rosevere
title: Xeno
keywords:outer-planetary space sounds, dance music of the traditional rhythmic and interpretive variety
label: Happy Puppy Records http://members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/

There is this release that always finds its way through my speakers. It isn’t because it is haunted and lives a life on its own, but because since I heard it for the first time, I keep coming back to it. On my own I listen to the most outrageous noises, crappy sounds and unlistenable materials but when there are people over it is nice not to scare them away with sounds of terror, but make them comfortable with music that  everyone seems to enjoy and like. This kind of music is not easy to find as whatever I have served my guests, there was always someone who managed to complain.

When playing Erik Satie or (Call me nuts but I love the four seasons) Vivaldi the comments where ‘boring’ or ‘can you please play some happy music?’, and when serving them usually commercial friendly stuff like the Icelandic mum or Sigar Ross the comments are ‘I’m falling asleep’.. The whole breakbeat, acid braindance repertoire of artist are ‘too much’ and Boards of Canada too depressive.. The only album that is safe to put on and never gets any negative feedback from the guests is this work by one of my personal favorite producers out there; The director of the Happy Puppy Records netlabel; ‘Lee Rosevere.

A record that has entered my ears many times just because it has certain perfectness to it, something that doesn’t disturb, is strong and independent enough to be actually heard and definitely one of my favorite play safe albums of this very moment. The problem with this album reviewer wise, is that it is one of these releases that are so good that it is difficult to attach words to it. It always fly’s by quickly and there is no real need to write about it as the brain is just enjoying the music too much to actually think about words, letters and dots, sentences and other things. But there is a certain social need in me that feels the urge to share this secret with the world, this album that is always playable, a work that is cool as fuck without being cold at heart!

The record in question is called ‘Xeno’ and feels like electronic music that is more grown up. More adult than all the tinky winky and rattle brainy ping pong electronica releases that my ears frequently come across with. It contains 6 tracks that are without exestuation very enjoyable and relaxed, while also having the punch to not make it into a sleepy kind of record.   Juno II provides the exact right synth tones that goes well with the architectural building reaching for the blue sky of the front cover picture. Like we are reaching a new state of mind that is futuristic but also goes hand in hand with nature.

It really feels like we have reached our special destination of synthesizer based electronic heaven when ‘Metro’ has hit the speakers. Very adult, beautifully high-tech and super enjoyable music that you just deserve to hear! Aliens are singing with great delight celebrating the pleasures of vibrant electronic sound and loosely played tight drums. Absolutely must hear stuff!

With ‘Noctiluca’ Lee Rosevere inserts a really relaxing freestyle where his talented fingers seems to roll over the keys like a classical jazzy genius! Playful and bright for that special moment you all have been craving for.

I wish the next track to never end as ‘Make a wish’ is such a pretty relaxing ambient piece that my heart always cry’s a bit when it floats by in such a rapid speed. The good thing is that it floats into another perfect track that fills the room with pure prettiness. Everything you hear is perfect about this work, perhaps that’s why I keep on thinking that this album sounds so grown up, as if the producer put all his experiences in search for the perfect electronic ambient music into this fine release!

With the last track Lee Rosevere just takes us one more level up to audio heaven with presentating the most beautifullest synth pads that you could imagine, providing deep and warm tones of perfectness. Completely relaxing every inch of your brain, body and soul with pure beauty.

This record is available as a digital download, a CDR or on a extremely limited hand-cut vinyl 10″ record. If interested in the last option, be sure to be quick as there are only 2 copy’s left! You may now proceed to click on the following link and hear this master piece for yourself:

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