Kai Nobuko – One (0kpbs033)

Kai Nobuko - One

Oh, hey, it’s the album art for Kai Nobuko’s One! Today’s review is brought to you by the number 1, and the letters K and N. This reference to PBS’ Sesame Street program was brought to you by my accidental screw up on the cat# as kPBS instead of kBPS. Oops! It also looks like, running up the center of the numerical digit is… could it be the waveform for the 0kbps sound used on this record? Spoiler alert: this album was made using a 0kbps sound clip.

Artist: Kai Nobuko
Title: One
Label: MAV [0kbps] Records
Cat#: 0kbps033
Keywords: Just “one” 😉
Reviewer: Alex Spalding

I’ve had Kai Nobuko’s album One on the backburner for way too long, and it just isn’t right… this is such an awesome lobit album that I couldn’t put it off any longer. And, because this is a KN album and not a Toxic Chicken album… that means I can’t make any silly jokes about chickens. Maybe next time!

This work begins with a little thing called ‘One’, which begins with a lobit sequence, very pretty melodies! I’m enjoying the bassy notes as well that come in. It has Kai’s touch… it’s light, pretty, endearingly joyful and very micro sounding, like a toy box that’s come alive in the night to host a parade of the imagination. It’s the sort of music that makes you want to cry tears of happiness into your beard. The sequences become more and more intricate, there are even a moments of intense play with the sounds. The mind opens with wonder. ‘One’ speaks to me of the unity of all as a singularity… it also makes me think of this awesome documentary I caught on tv a few years ago with one of the Monty Python guys.

And now it is time for ‘One Two’, in logical sequential order. It begins with lobit bass tones blaring. The melody of these bass notes are somewhat dark, mysterious, lovely. In an abstract way it recalls latent NES memories. I love the use of the sample in creating the plucky arps that you hear, it’s so cosmic! In my head I keep imagining someone playing one of those large harps that are associated with Celtic music or something, except that it’s making these tones.

‘One Two Three’ begins with a lighter, breezier and more uptempo sequence, over which layers of tones are scattered across in nice harmonies.

‘One (Covolux Remix)’ begins in an entirely different fashion, sounding like ethereal ambient drones. I feel adrift on a dark sea, and that the heavily reverberating ambient tones are like… a lighthouse, casting light on vast portions of my surroundings while I find my way to shore. It’s very soundtrack-like, for maybe an emotional moment in an indie film… or a nature documentary!

Then we come to ‘One Two (Covolux Remix)’, which also begins with deep, bassy drones. Low harmonics within a fog. It happens to be very foggy outside here tonight, which suits the feel of the music. I was about to describe the music as a foggy 3 AM when I remembered that it is actually foggy… and it’s 3 AM. Somehow, everything in my small world is in accord.

The Covolux Remix of ‘One Two Three’ sounds almost like an ambient choir, with robust harmonics! This is also very soundtrackish, like a moment of intense ambient emotion in an indie film.

Using the ‘One (Do It Yourself Sample Pack)’, which is simply a sample of the 0kpbs sound file used to make these tracks… I, too, was able to cobble something together. I mostly used the sound source in multiple layers of sequenced arpeggiations and threw together a bunch of grooves and stuff. Kept it relatively lobit, for those of you with bad connections, so it’s just under 1MB! I like Kai’s One creations from his album better though, they’re more pleasurable to listen to whereas mine is more rhythm-centric and I didn’t do a good job of making the sample the focus of the track.

So… riddle me this: what rhymes with sink and ends the review?… because I can’t remember, but whatever it is, it’s creeping around down there and freaking me out. >_> Click it and see if it goes away!


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