Various Artists – Tape Safe Anthology Vol 6

artist: various
title: Tape Safe Anthology Vol 6
keywords: psychedelic, ambient, experimental, electronic, lo-fi
label: Tape Safe

Next to the legendary chocolates and the fame of their cozy pub culture, there is also the Tape Safe netlabel that represents Belgium! This netlabel seems to be rather friendly and always on the lookout for artists that suits their tastes. And what are their tastes and needs? Browsing through the Tape Safe Anthology Vol. 6 it seems that they are very much into beautiful organic sounding psychedelica, with handcrafted melodies for the mind.

The first track on the compilation sounds at first like you are at some kind of motor cross game with your ears filled up with cotton wool. The motors drive around but all the actions are muffled sounding which is probably a blessing.. Soon the track transforms in a dark ambience track that triggers tones of beauty, making me almost forget the whole motocross scene.

My brain starts to dream further away until it has reached a lucid state of mind that absorbs the acoustic psychedelica provided by Fe.Male Fou. You don’t need to swallow a cactus to view the acid like colors of a mind trip when this track is filling up your skull.

A wonderful warmth is glowing from these delicious trippy acoustic works, and the pretty melodies of Torturado are like the perfect escape from the hectic-ness of reality. People who need anger management should just listen to this and relax with its beautiful tones until all uptight feelings are annihilated.

In a flash is another work of Fe.Male Fou that even though with its warm crackly soft hiss on the background feels darker than the previous heard tracks. The experimental organic tones mixed with the mysterious voice of a feme fatale is making this soundscape into something that could be classified as a recording involving witchcraft.

A very nice and interesting piece is the experimental track called ‘hum’ by Filippo Panichi. Who really managed to create the best thirteen minutes of soothing electronic buzz. Who needs melodies if you can make the electronic devices hum in a comfortable way? There are more organic sounds inside this relaxing audio trip, accentuating pure pleasure for the ears. Soft electric wind appears and slowly but softly a hypnotic rhythm completely takes the listener in a profound of trance! This is excellent!

To keep the listener in the zone of excellent surprises we hear a terrific upbeat experimental track by Alien Intelligent Acoustic. It is something that successfully mix up strange odd sounds with old school AFX beats. A track that really fits with the rest of this compilation and yet refreshingly different!

Filippo Panichi returns with ‘Endless Endlost’ which is a hypnotic loopy experience of sweetness that the listener will get lost in its eternal endlessness.

What follows is a perfect mysterious sounding microsound opus by Shape2 that flows like it is a live improvisation recorded at the right moment in time. A wonderful track for psychonauts that love to travel on electric melodic tones and bubble rhythms.

When lucky number 9 arrived we hear once again the work of Fe.Male Fou with a track called ‘the end of evol’. What does it mean? The end of evolution? Or perhaps the end of evil with an ‘o’ instead of an ‘i’? Music wise it could be both as it is mainly warm guitar strumming with a euphoric feeling to it. Like we have done something great, we survived and this is the friendly psychedelica that comes with it!

Niko Deck seems to break his guitar collection in parts and throws them into some never ending black hole. Such a shame you may think to hear the guitar strings being pulled off and thrown into this bottomless hole, but actually the sounds that are the results of this experiment makes it well worth it!

An fine enjoyable music piece is brought to our ears by ASTROLÃBIO. A band/artist name that sounds pretty sci-fi but actually sound very earthly, providing a fine piece of melodic real music with piano’s, guitars and what’s not, to really gives this compilation another doses of good taste and flavor.

On the last track with meet the mysterious sounding experimental sound of an artist called Sylphides. It sounds very authentic, almost like an lost sailor that has a strong feeling to experiment with timing and minimalism. A nice way to end this superbly collected collection of masterful tracks that feel very connected to each other.

It is safe to say that this is an great atmospheric compilation, a great friend for psychedelic experiences and good company for when in need of pretty music to relax too. It’s worth to check it out at the following link:

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