Tarantulah – Kedamaian Jalan Hitam

Artist: Tarantulah
title: Kedamaian Jalan Hitam
label: Susu Ultrarock Records

When obvious super hero’s that listen to the self-given names of Silentt Shoutt, Rock Angel, Rusak Minda and sebuah band garapan Man Rabaxx leave their normal day jobs to form a band, things will not be the same in the streets no more. Less people will be safe or rescued when this group of demonic oddballs are rehearsing their newest songs, riffs and rhythms. The question that rises in my mind is: are they any good? Was it worth it to dedicate their precious develish super powers to make music, instead of saving the innocence of their souls? Let me put on my judgmental impressive red cape to satisfy the hunger for answers by simply opening my sonic deranged ears and listen to their latest release.. ….

So I’m all setup and done, let’s listen intensively to the first track. Viva La Peace starts with the unmistakan sounds of war.. Than the band starts to play in ultra-sonic sound quality that you are unfortunately only able to hear in a crystal clear top notch sound quality when you are yourself; a particular super hero with magnificent hearing powers. It’s sad to say that even though i might dress up once and a while and do have a few magical powers up my sleeves, I’m far away of being a super hero and To my mortal ears this is an uneasy hearing session. I can identify the music as something that sounds as black metal, but that’s about all that I can say. It’s a difficult task as my ears are trained to hear the best of the worst but this is truly unlistenable. I really wish to gain super powers to hear the music how it should have been intended, as this sound is really physically making me sick in the stomach. Perhaps that is also one of these super powers of these band members? Creating music in such a odd unlistenable sound that it makes reviewers sick? Perhaps track 2 will be better?

It starts with the sounds of a city fight. We hear Police sirens and some happy slappers, until the ‘music’ fades in. Still almost absorbed by the disastrous sound quality I can still trace some devilish ghoulies on the vocals. The metal guitars are not powerful enough to bash its way through the muffled high pitched sound recording, which is a pretty damn shame as I actually think this could be a proper awesome band from hell. So unless you have super ears that could filter the noise out, you will probably hear the same sick muffled stuff that my ears are enduring over here.

But there is more! And after drinking a margarita my brain is fit enough to listen to the doomed track ‘hak kita’. For some strange reason I’m able to hear the actual music a little bit better now so drinking Margarita’s was really not such a bad idea! I now believe that the reason why everything seems so squashed and destroyed recording wise is that it probably not recorded in some kind of rehearsal studio or any other regular venue, but probably recorded somewhere deep down below in the flames of hell. If you consider that it had to travel far to reach earth again, than the bad audio quality isn’t so bad after all. For what I can hear its pretty evil!

Then suddenly I’m shocked as a crystal clear voice whispers in my ears the warning ‘go away, go away, leave..’ and before I actually could respond to this message the band from the depths of Hell starts to play. The drumkit knocks on my door, the demons show up with penetrant guitars in front of my window and it’s really time to say goodbye and escape from these creeps by flushing myself through the toilet.. https://archive.org/details/Tarantulah-kedamaianjalanhitam

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