Various Artists – Interfered

Artists: Various
title: Interfered
keywords: experimental, compilation
label: attenuation circuit

The eight issue of a successful series of experimental music is just released by Attenuation Circuit! Want to know what to expect? Than please continue!

Kim Jong Ung is hungry! For his prosperous meal he brings a group of close followers on a hunting trip to catch seagulls out of mid-air! For this special occasion the men are loaded on a boat with prehistoric war equipment converted with air suspended fishing nets to catch these flogs of birds! The task isn’t easy and the hunt does take up a lot of practice, effort and timing. The boat engine holds on strong while the glorious leader of this dedicated crew gives its orders to move up closely and occupy the air suspended fishing nets with great precision! One of the crew members throws fresh fish up in the nets that may gather the birds attention. The bait and the mentally drilled and well-rehearsed crew of seagull hunters works surprisingly well as they catch at least 15 seagulls out of midair! It’s time to go home where the secret ingredients are waiting to transform these birds in a culinary delight!

Ivanov Down delivers the listener a different story for the mind. Down takes us to space in an odd looking metallic cubicle. The sounds of traveling balances between the square walls and when the object is finally into orbit of Pluto the magnetic forces are forcing its way through the air. Some small led light pops up and rusty sounds appear through the space traveling cubicle. Are we there yet your ears may ask yourself? Is this Pluto? But eventually Pluto just seems an hallucination and this review a bunch of bullshit.

Another sound adventure comes out of the hands of an artist called Magnetikal. Here we are in the middle of a burglar scene, armed with a sharp object we hear the artist opening a locked window. Strange hollow sounds seem to float around from behind this newly created opening. The sounds absorbs us while the artists takes us through this extra ordinary land-house. Is this place perhaps filled with a mysterious entity? A ghost of a child perhaps that plays with our mind and spooky sounding toy-piano’s from another realm? Fear is inside the listener’s throat when things that may be classified as voices appear in a dark brew of ghostly sounds. I feel that we are lost forever if there wouldn’t be more tracks featured on this compilation!

Eisenlager sounds as a great German beer brand but is in this case the name of the next artist. We keep in the same mysterious vibe of the previous track but the abnormal sounds are sounding wilder, more alive and organic. We hear things backwards, beats, a stretched out crash and a spooky minimalistic melody. It is that we have a very busy schedule at the moment otherwise this would be the perfect track to open in a free audio editing software like Audacity and re-reverse. Perhaps when played while being re-reversed satanic messages could be heard! Isn’t that innovative?

Than we have Orifice that chooses to satisfy the ears with soft lofi tones that seems to be singing a harmonious song of positive sadness. In the depth of it all we can hear something that could have been the sound of a train sliding over its tracks. A bizarre looking pretty sound makes its way on top of the warmth that is provided hear with a piss taking strangeness to it. When it disappears from wherever it came from the tones seems to start to inhale and exhale with life. Another friendly sound of movement comes in to say hi to the lovers of experimental music that took the time to sink in this compilation. Without any further warning this friendly sounding sound attaches itself to your brain and squeezes, harder and harder until it pops!

The following adventure is brought by a band that you should definitely check out for yourself; Toth Kina Hegyfalu . With the audio track that they deliver here contains just a blip from what they are capable off. Strangely this track really keeps us moving like we are on some kind of train from another time. We speed up to another level of psychoactive activity on these delicious sounds of the weird and the strange. The sounds of steal nerves that vibrate nervously trigger the manic voices in the head. Now it is a good time to declare you mentally ill and unstable!

The train of normalness drives off without us and there is nothing more to do than listen to the gibberish in the German language of the next artist. Der Bdolf is the artist that begs us to not leave and invite us to join him to travel even further to a state of insanity.

And actually that isn’t a bad place to be as the next group that is called ‘Huh’ seems to be pretty out of their skulls, but also pretty cool! Too bad that they won’t hang around for a couple of minutes more, but the short length really fits the whole concept of Huh?

Another personal huh moment is when the following artist that appears on this compilation is nobody less than the legendary Frans De Waard. Perhaps his name might ring a bell as he manages to review loads and loads of underground DIY albums for Vital Weekly. It’s good to not read his words but to actually hear his sounds for a change. With ‘Root’ he has recorded what my destroyed ears would describe as the electric cricket sound. Perhaps it is an manipulated field-recording or a newly created electronic buzzy sound that is trying to fit in with the insects of a more natural sounding origin.

Kiew Asperin N is taking over the minimalistic sounds with a angrier vibe. We hear a recording of a steady industrial beat with the electric guitar exchanged for a haunted didgeridoo. The whole thing seems to be recorded in a girls toilet of a club where two friends are having some kind of religious experience.

Not unlike the last couple of compilations from this enjoyable series, the label owner is the one who delivers a nice and mysterious end to this episode. Emerge proudly spreads high pitch tones on a bed of deeper ones. Relax, dream but be uptight because you never know if disaster will struck the unsuspected listener!

This episode of the enjoyable experimental compilation series was perhaps more of a darker kind than the previous two, but certainly something that keeps the quality up while not being afraid to feature the obviously odd and the deranged. Come and get this compilation for free at the following link:

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