Simon Kent – Where I Stand

simonkentartist: Simon Kent
title: Where I Stand
keywords: hard working father with music career
label: Universal Music Group

Meet Simon, the not your regular bloke from the area of Portsmouth. Instead of claiming job seekers allowance he is blessed with a full time job. This in the times of regression and an economy that lays bloated on her lazy ass is already a modern day miracle.

But even when Simon is home from work he is still working, the guy just won’t stop! He scrubs the floor, visits the bathroom multiple times, feeds the animals, makes love, brushes his teeth, does gymnastics, goes out hunting for food at the local off license and manages to take care of his beloved daughter with extra special needs!

How on earth is this all possible? A straight male is not a multitasker! Your average male can only handle one thing at the time, two things are difficult but more things than two is proper Guinness book of records material!

Yes, Simon’s life is fuller than full but for extra ordinairy reasons he is still able to collect left over minutes and seconds to dedicate to follow his dream of a real life music career! Simon may not have time to wipe his own ass, drink tea with his loved ones or flush the toilet, but he does what he wants and follows his heart down the road to indie stardom.. Somewhere on this journey he has found professional help; a multitasking female that takes care of him and his music business.

Meet Kate, a woman in the prime of her life that is not afraid of answering telephones, arranging meetings and sending out multiple emails a week & promoting the music career of the hard working Simon along the way. She too is busy; her days are full but well planned. We all know females can multi task without problems; they are like adorable pretty octopuses but without the fishy arms!

Today her hard work of sending an email and a follow up email to Yeah I Know It Sucks is paying off. Although we cannot comply to interview the multi-tasking Simon because the team of YIKIS are also distressed males with music careers, blogs to run, chickens to feed and jobs on the side. Don’t think the amazing Simon does not interest us, but we just do not have time to invent questions, communicate with long distance emails and discuss the content of Simon’s newest video!

What? Hold on a minute?! Wait a second!? Simon does all these things AND found time to record a proper music video? That is indeed pretty amazing! Thanks for keeping us up to date Kate, we will be happy to paste the video for whoever is interested to not only read about Simon, but also to see and actually hear him! Lucky for all of us the copy +paste function is just taking a few seconds of our precious time. Here we go; here is the music video of Simon Kent;

As you may or may not have noticed, this ‘single’ is scheduled to be released online in September by the Universal Music Group. Even though this means perhaps that this single will not be coming out as a physical release, it is still coming out through what many people consider as a major music label in the business. Was it the charm of Kate that brought the music of Simon to their attention? Whatever happens we sincerely wish Simon and Kate a prosperous future and a enjoyable career!

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