Fäkalien – Mineral Series vol. 3

Artist: Fäkalien
title: Mineral Series vol. 3
keywords: noise, experimental
label: Deadtones Records

From the first moment that you are entering the world created by Fäkalien on volume 3 of the Mineral Series released through Deadtones records, you just know you are not here to listen to the sound of a glass of mineral water. The first track ‘Cancrisilite’ will shake tre ground with the dangerous sounding rumbles that seem to come out of nowhere. It strongly reminds me of these video’s on youtube that captures panicked people who seem to be overruled by stange sounds coming from the sky.

Is perhaps this phenomena of strange noises in the sky not the results of HAAARP or the revenge of the mysterious thunder gods, but the work of the artist that is captured on this volume? ‘Dalyite’ adds a little humanity to these fine monstrous noises from the night; it feels like the artist has trained a gigantic beast to jam along with a funky old guitar. There is something funky about this noise!

Than we arrive at another track that manages to lay down noise in some kind of ambient way. Perhaps it could be described as easy listening noise or ambient for deaf people who just need to have a louder volume to get to hear a little bit of what is going on. The track feels like we are listening to some kind of space conversation, captured in a fine calm loudness.

Than the record moves more deep low rumbles of earthly doomed noise through the speakers, we hear strange people dooming up in the mix and it feels like we are listening to the sounds of a little town under siege of unknown forces and disaster. Church bells are ringing, people are screaming and everything is getting smashed, destroyed and there is definitely the smell of dead provided in this track. Panic never sounded so good!

This release counts the total amount of 5 lose tracks that flow into each other like one well-made story that is full of dangerous sounding noises until it reached highlights of total screams and fear. Something for the horror fan? Get this release over at the next link:

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