Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde – Leaving Marrakech

artist: Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde
title: Leaving Marrakech
cat: GHR-017
keywords: art-rock, blues, instrumental, acoustic
label: Great Hedgehogs’ Records http://ghrecords.clan.su/

Good times have arrived, just sit back and relax while sipping in style from a bottle of fine whiskey.
In order to enjoy the moment to the maximum there is no better companionship than this relaxing music of the legendary names: Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde. With this 2 track release  with great  guitar playing, synthesizers and programming as its perfect ingredients, this is truly the perfect music to switch of the troubles of the daily life, chill the funk out and enjoy the taste of the Scottish Malt on your tongue. Funky instrumental art rock with a great bluesy vibe is here to make sure you settle down with the perfect music coming out of the Ukraine!
Let ‘Leaving Marrakech’ and ‘Midnight Autumn Dream’ satisfy your senses.
If these tracks aren’t enough to make you happy, than I gladly inform you that they are downloadable and stream-able from the following link for the price of absolutely nothing!
(the bottle of whiskey is not included though!)

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